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December 16, 2021
cold air curling iron

When an average hair curling iron could not make customers happy, stylists look to the Ceramic ionic cold air curler iron for beautiful, polished results, curl after curl. Olayer hair curler manufacturer Patented “cold air hair curler iron or cool air curler” senses heat loss within the iron and corrects it to ensure that the barrel is properly heated throughout.

This cool air styler iron heats up quickly and keeps hot even through very long hours and demanding conditions. With the cold air system on the top of the curling iron, use 20,000 turns fan will increase a big wind to your air, this will cool your hair immediately once your hair sliding off from the curling iron, plus the negative ionic device which will generate 20 million negative ions to your hair, your curls shape hair will be sleek, shiny, and soft, with this ionic cold air curling iron which is blowing to your heated hair, your hair cool done, the curls shape will stable fast and long last.

Despite the hair type or style of curl, you are sure to get consistent results and smooth, shiny, beautiful curls. Featuring the powerful elements of 100% true ceramic barrel, the Ceramic ionic cold air curling iron made by Olayer Chinese wholesale air hair curler  manufacturer double the benefits to the stylist and the hair care.

This 1.25 inch Ceramic ionic cold air hair curler made by Olayer China curling iron manufacturers is the ideal size to create the loose, romantic waves that are popular right now. This cool air styler hair curler iron has 85 watts of power and heats to 430F. An extra-long cool tip keeps you burn-free and a soft grip handle and fold-away safety stand make this professional cold air hair curler iron super user-friendly.

For the time being the Ceramic ionic cold air curling iron from Olayer hair curler wholesale manufacturer is the newest air hair curler to the world market bestseller curling irons, this is first innovative technology on the market today. If you do not believe me you can simply check this on the market, there is no one have this automatic cold air hair curler or professional cold air hair curler on the market today.

Why do you need cold air hair curler?

If you’re not trying this ceramic ionic air hair curler, you are seriously missing out! Traditional curling irons can do serious damage to your hair, even if you’re an experienced stylist – they’re simply inferior to this ceramic ionic air curler. Here are a few of the biggest reasons why you need use this innovative ceramic ionic cool air styler hair curler wand today:

  1. Ceramic air hair curler with ionic technology is less damaging to hair, traditional curling irons with ceramic roller will only have less ions (can be ignored since device can not measure the ions), this still have risk to damage your hair, or at least not very well hair care during hair curling. Ceramic barrel with cold air system plus a building in negative ion device will generate 20 million negative ions (verified by professional device during hair curling). The cold air will cool your hair immediately and the 20 million negative ions will retain moisture by sealing your hair’s cuticles. This will prevent your hair from damage, frizzy and static, this makes your hair soft, shiny and healthy overall.
  2. This ceramic cool air styler heat faster and more evenly. This makes them easier to use, whether you’re an expert or a novice, and will speed up the styling process to boot. The even heating ceramic barrel will suitable for any type of hair texture, the infrared heat goes deep into the hair quickly, so it locks in the moisture of your hair.
  3. When you take care of it properly, this ceramic ionic cool air curler should last much longer than a traditional curling wand. But before you invest, make sure that you’re buying ceramic ionic cold air curler from Olayer curling irons manufacturer, this cool air curler made from truly ceramic barrel, rather than a metal barrel with a layer or two of ceramic over it. Since this is real ceramic curling irons with cold air system and 20 million building in negative ionic device, the price is usually more expensive than the traditional curler (but lower than the well-know brand of curler), but they are definitely worth this price.
  4. Some people worry about to hurt your hands when you use this professional ceramic ionic air hair curler, we another safety automatic cold air hair curler iron, which you never worry to hurt your or burn you skin. This patented automatic cold air curler with 20 million built in ionic device will be the best cool air curler you should have.

Let’s look together at the main features of the Ceramic cold air hair curler iron:

cold air curling irons

Cold air blowing from the holes

EU/US/UK Plug and Customized plug is available
110-240V Input Voltage
50-60 Hz Frequency
35W Rated Power
PTC safety heating Mode
Foldaway Safety Stand
Powerful Spring Clamp
Heavy Duty, Long Life
20 million negative ionic.
Ceramic roller
Cold air hair curler with 20,000 turns per minutes of fan.

20,000 turns high speed cool wind, real wind to cool your heat hair immediately.

20,000 thousand real negative ions blowing to your hair from top of cold air curling iron, lost of hair curler on the market does add the negative ion device but actually 99% of the hair curler manufacturer did the wrong thing and zero negative ions come to your hair, contact us to know why.

The best cool air styler curling iron

Over 20 professional hair salon managers have given this cold air hair curler iron a thumb review

let’s look what happy owners of the Ceramic ionic Cold air hair curler have to say about this cool air curling iron:

It heats quickly and evenly. It doesn’t snag and tear the hair like many other irons have. this ceramic ionic cold air curling iron uses innovative heating technology with cold air and beneficial materials to create sturdy, high-performance ceramic cold air hair curling iron, with the cold air to cool the heat hair that make fabulous curls that last and last. With the cold air to cool the hair and make the curls shape stable fast than even, and hair is cool done from the heat, with the 20 million negative ions that real make the hair shiny and perfect looks.

One advantage of the ionic cold air hair curler is cooling the heated hair with 20,000 thousand negative ions. This represents modern technology developed to reduce the threat of doing injury to your hair, and they also help to reduce static build up causing fly-away hair. And will make your hair looks sleek, shiny and soft.

Typically speaking the ceramic  Ionic cold air hair curler made by Olayer wholesale hair curling company holds up very well in comparison to other top rated hair curling irons, even those that are more costly. With this new technology of cold air in the hair curling irons and negative ionic technology, you will 100% happy with this ionic cold air hair curling irons.

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Ionic cold air hair curler

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