High speed hair dryer (High speed hair blow Dryer)

30*15*9 cm
EU/US/UK Plug/Customized plug
Rated power output:
EU:220V US :110V
50/60 Hz
Three settings:
Low-speed : 60,000 rpm/min,
Middle-speed : 80,000 rpm/min
High-speed : 110,000 rpm/min
Heating wire set
Negative Ion:
50 million
Custom LOG/private label

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High speed hair dryer (Variable Frequency Supersonic Hair Blow Dryer)

This is Variable Frequency Supersonic High Speed Hair Dryer made by Olayer hair dryer company which is very powerful and Silent, below is more detail about our high speed hair dryer, if you are looking for OEM/ODM high speed hair blow dryer company and manufacturer in China, welcome to talk with us, Olayer is China hair straightener company, make hair styling tools including high speed hair dryer, hair straightening iron, hair curling irons, wet to dry straightening brush, ceramic cold air hair curler, etc.

Variable frequency

This high speed hair dryer has cold and hot circulating air. The hot and cold winds switch every five seconds, to avoid scalding your scalp and reduce the hair scale damage with overheating wind.

Aromatherapy Function

With a Aromatherapy suit: aromatherapy oil and scented pieces.

You can place a scented piece in the nozzles when using cold air, fragrant life is conducive to spiritual relaxation. Relieve the fatigue of the whole day through the fragrance of nature.

Brushless motor technology – high speed hair dryer technology

this high speed hair dryer from Olayer hair dryer wholesale company that the motor spins up to 100,000 times per minute. After utilized new and airflow multiplication technology, the air velocity can reach 25m/s. Compared with 20,000 to 30,000 RPM for standard hair dryers, it can produces a concentrated jet of air for faster and more precise drying and styling, here is some tips for you to know what is the best high speed hair dryer, by read that information you may better understand the difference between normal hair dryer and the high speed hair dryer.

The miniaturizing motor is such tiny that allows this high speed hair dryer product designers to fit it inside the handle rather than the nozzle to ensure proper weight balance. That way the user doesn’t feel the strain of having to hold and manipulate a top-heavy object.

The new patented reducing noise technology reduce the noise caused by the motor in multiple dimensions that keeps the noise below 75 db, leading to a comfortable experience.

Suitable for all types of hair

1600-watt – This is similar to what a stylist uses in a salon, so you’ll be able to achieve salon-quality results even at home! A blow dryer’s wattage measures how hard and fast its motor works. The higher its wattage, the faster you’ll be able to dry your hair.

3 speed settings – High for fast drying and styling, medium for regular drying, and low for diffusing.

4 heat settings – High for fast drying and styling, medium for regular drying, low for cooler drying and diffusing, and a cold shot for constant cold to set your hair after styling.

Magnetic attachments

With a Rotated Magnetic Styling Concentrator, adjust quickly and easily.

Intelligent heat control

This dryer also has NCT intelligent heat control, which means it measures the air temperature of the devices more than 20 times every second to prevent any heat damage. Besides, regulates the temperature of the airflow. In consequence, each of our hair could be attentive care

20,000 thousand Negative ions

Help reduce static in the hair. This high speed Hair below dryer equipped with a built-in negative ion generator that produces at lest 20,000 thousand negative ions during work, making the drying and styling process faster.

Self-cleaning function

One-click cleaning button, to clean the accumulated dust through the blowback method

How to choose the best high speed hair dryer for your using

When you plan to buy high quality beautiful high speed hair dryer, there are a myriad of choices, and at first glance, they may all seem the same. First idea may think about the top brand of the hair dryers, of course the price is very high as well. When you’re a professional stylist, you obviously want the very best that money can buy. Your clients are paying you top dollar and you want to give them a style that they will come back for again and again. After scouring the internet and reading scores review, comments and videos, you may have some good ideas, but you may need think write down all of your needs for this high speed hair dryer, we believe that the best professional high seed hair dryer is the Olayer small size (folding design) light0weight 1300 watt high speed hair dryer.

This high speed hair dryer was up against some stiff competition, such as the Dyson Hair Dryer. While all of these high speed hair dryer models offer quality performance, what is advantages from Olayer folding design light weight 1300 watts high speed hair dryer, below we list some points for the high speed hair dryer which we all may want to have, let us check this one by one.


The folding design small size of lightweight high speed hair from Olayer hair dryer wholesale company have 1300 watts of power and a long lasting DC motor. This lone feature was not the deciding factor in determining the best hair dryer; there are many others that boast this wattage or even higher. With the small size and folding design plus airspeed of 130 km/hour (80 mph), however, it puts it a cut above the rest.


This high speed hair dryer made by Olayer hair dyer wholesale manufacturer provide 2 years warranty, this will be one of the best after-sales service on the market.


The Ion technology is extensively tested in a lab, and this high speed blow dryer model has ceramic plate with the 20 million negative ionic device, that will generate huge negative ions when you blowing your hair, that means you will easy to achieve sleek and shiny hair style.


The folding design small size of lightweight high speed hair blow dryer from Olayer has 65 decibels of power, providing a quiet atmosphere for styling and drying.


There are 3 speed settings, 3 heat settings and a cool shot button to prevent the scalp from overheating.


This lightweight high speed hair dryer have only 480g include 1.8M long cord, this is one of the most lightweight high speed hair dryers available on the market today.


The price for this high speed hair dryer model ranges from $199 – $269, depending on where you purchase it, compare to the top brand of high speed hair dryer this price has very competitive price.


This folding design small size lightweight high speed hair dryer have the size 200*50*90mm (folding), with this small size you can put into your bag very easy during your travelling.


Make sure that the professional high speed hair dryer that you buy will be combined with different attachments such as diffuse and concentrator attachments. This way, this high speed hair dryer you may use many different purposes, the light-weight high speed hair dryer made by Olayer Chinese hair dryer wholesale company have two hair dryer concentrators (Wide & narrow size) plus diffuser, this is not every brands of hair dryer include this attachments.


There are many high-speed hair dryers that will have some similar features, about Olayer high speed hair dryer let us list some key points below,

  • Lightweight and small size, 480g with 200*90*50mm in folding size.
  • Easy to travel,
  • Three attachments to suite for many types of hair style.
  • Ceramic plate with negative ions
  • Two years warranty
  • Beautiful design with diamond shape handle, looks more classic.
  • Europe plug, north American plug, and Asia plug is available.

When you are a professional stylist you obviously want the best hair dryer that money can buy. This lightweight high speed hair dryer from Olayer hair dryer company use the best quality materials available. This model will outlast and outperform its competition, no matter what style you are trying to achieve. With drying time cut as much as 50%, you can save your clients time and money.

If you want to get a sample to verify the quality of this high speed hair dryers, send us an email, Olayer is high speed hair dryer company in China, offer hair dressing tools with wholesale price to the world, Olayer have ceramic hair straightener, ceramic hair curlers, Ion hair straightener brush, laser hair removal, there is negative ion to all of hair styling tools which made by Olayer hair dryer company.

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