Wholesale Hair Straightener Brush

Wholesale Hair Straightener Brush, wholesale hair brush straightener company

Mode No. : OL-A60
Input Voltage: 110-240V
Frequency: 50-60 Hz
Rated Power: 260W
Heating Mode: MCH heating
Plug: EU/US/UK Plug/Customized plug
Material: PET & Aluminium
Heating Temperature: 100~200℃
Net Weight: 430g
Gross Weight: 460g
Package Size: 30*10*8cm
Warranty: 2 Year
Certificate: CE, REACH, RoHS, CPSIA. Contact us to get private label wholesale hair straightener brush.

Olayer is a Wholesale hair straightener brush manufacturer in China, offer the private label and wholesale price for our best negative ion electric straightening hair brush, electric cold air hair straightener, professional 1.5 hair curler iron, automatic ceramic cold air curler iron, high speed hair dryer, and other hair dressing tools. below is the key technology for one of our private label best wholesale hair straightener brush.

Ionic Technology wet to dryer wholesale hair straightener brush

When you use some power tools hair products (such as wet to dry straightener brush, hot shot tools straightener or hot comb brush) to style your damp hair, that seems you’re frying the hair. Too much heat could damage the keratin proteins that give hair its strength, zap moisture from the inside of the hair strand, and crack the cuticle.

Traditional hair straightener brush has positive ionic in your hair when heating, which are caused by damage to your hair’s cuticle, and water also has a positive ionic charge. This negative ion electric hair straightening brush from Olayer wholesale hair straightener brush manufacturer will repair your frizzy damaged hair, and the negative ionic charge from an ionic air brush will actually repel the water, this is causing your hair to dry more quickly. The result: smoother, healthier, and frizz-free hair.

MCH HEATER of negative ion wholesale straightener brush

MCH heater, a new type of heater for negative ion hair straightener brush. This heat features corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, long service life, high efficiency, energy saving, uniform temperature, good thermal conductivity, fast thermal compensation, etc. Moreover, it does not contain harmful substances such as lead, cadmium, mercury, hexavalent chromium etc.in line with EU RoHS and other environmental requirements.

Simply put, MCH heater is more efficient and environmentally friendly than other heaters. Based on the results of our tests, the hot air brush with a MCH heater can save more than 20% to 30% power effect compare to the other with PTC heater. Our Silent Hot Air Hair Straightener Brush can reach the maximum temperature of 210℃ in 45 seconds.

WET & DRY HAIR STRAIGHTENING BRUSH (wet to dry hair straightener brush)

An excellent household modeling tool, like this Hot Air wet & dry Hair Straightener Brush made by Olayer customized hair straightener brush company, can be wet, dry, straight, and blown at the same time. No need to cooperate other styling accessories, that you can easily create your hair volume with less time. This wet to dry straightening brush never snags or pulls, which makes styling long hair so much easier.

5-degree heat settings: 110℃ to 210℃, you can choose the suitable temperature for styling according to the condition of your hair, long hair or short hair, dry hair or damp hair, thick hair or thin hair.

Silent blow dryer with straightener brush, noise≤65db.

You may be troubled by blowing your hair late at night, because high speed hair dryer is often accompanied by a lot of noise ( Olayer’s high speed hair dryer  is as silent as 75db, check our high speed hair dryer) when they are in use. This may cause complaints from others. This silent blow dryer wet to dry wholesale straightener brush with hot air makes you no longer worry about the noise. The built-in fan is equipped with a new motor, which can ensure that the noise is less than 65 decibels without reducing the wind.

Auto shut off wholesale hair straightening brush

If there is no operation within 20 minutes to this wet to dry hair brush straightener, the power will be automatically turned off. Even if you accidentally forget to turn off the power, this best wholesale hair straightener brush with auto shut off, you don’t have to worry about scalding things or even causing fires because the appliance is heated for a very long time.


Airflow vents are regularly arranged on the plate to ensure distributing air quickly and evenly to the hair.


A 360-degree swivel cord means you’ll never get tangled up while you’re styling, which makes using this wet to dry hair brush straightener tool so much easier when you’re working on the back parts of your head.

4 in 1 wet to dry Hair straightener brush tool

“An excellent household modeling tool. It can be wet, dry, straight, blown and crimped at the same time. Easily create your hair volume.
The ceramic heating plate can still achieve a good styling effect when the hair is dry.” Compare to other 2 in 1 or 3 in 1 hot shot tools, this 4 in 1 wet to dry hair straightener brush will be one of the best hot comb brush straightener.

If you are interesting this best hair straightening brush wholesale price, welcome to contact us to get a samples, custom LOGO and private label hair straightener brush is available, if you need other hair dressing tools, or have your own model and need OEM/ODM contract manufacturing service from China hair styling tools manufacturer, contact us to discuss about your project, we have over 18 year of rich experience in R &D hairdressing tools.

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