Styling African American Hair with the rotating hair iron

May 2, 2022
auto rotating hair iron

Every African American woman has known the disappointment of using a tool “guaranteed” to work on ethnic hair, only to find out it didn’t do the job at all.  This Rotating hair iron review and guide is geared specifically toward African Americans or mixed-race women who have been wondering if this best-selling rotating hot iron will work for them.  Our Rotating hair iron guide discusses the basics of the tool briefly and then gives you the guidance tips you need to create all the great looks you want with this versatile tool.

Auto Rotating hair iron Basics

See our Auto Rotating hair iron for complete details of how this tool works.  Here are the basics.  One side of the tool is a brush with 4 rows of sturdy bristles.  The bristles won’t back down from coarse hair.  They’ll do their job on any grade of hair you’ve got.

The opposite side of the Rotating hair iron is the rotating polishing cylinder which treats each inch of hair with 3-5 rotations.  This gets more work done in less time, cutting your hairstyling work in half.  The cylinder is heated, and you’ve got your choice of low, medium and high.  Low might work for a touch-up on a few strands of hair, but you should probably start on medium and plan to go high if necessary.  High heat will not be too hot for your hair if you use basic hair straightening practices.

How to Use the Original Rotating hair iron Rotating Hot Iron on African American Hair

The basic motion and technique is the same as with any hair straightener.  Place a 2-3 inch swath of hair between the brush and the polisher, close the tool, and work it through your hair.  That much you know.  These tips will help those of you with African American or very coarse hair to get the absolute best results from your work with the Rotating hair iron rotating hair straightener.

  1. Keep your hair in great shape. The truth is, ladies, there is no tool on the market or hair professional in the top salons that can make unhealthy hair look good for very long. Get yourself a high-quality hair cut before you start working with the Rotating hair iron, even if the cut is just to shape and even up your tresses.
    Pamper your hair with quality hair care products that moisturize it and provide it with the kind of nutrients hair needs to be really healthy. Use the best finishing products available so that your hair is free of processing damage.  Happy hair always looks better than hair that is damaged.
  1. Clean hair styles best with the Rotating hair iron.  Oils can build up quickly in African American hair, and those oils can cause dirt to cling to it. That combination will cause hair to be clumped together.  We’ll say this: If you have to touch up your hair after a day of work or running around, in time for an evening event or date, the Rotating hair iron will do a much better job than a standard flat iron.  The brush separates the hair – getting rid of the clumps and tangles—so you can use it with confidence.
    However, it is always best to wash your hair thoroughly before using the original Rotating hair iron.  Your styling will go more quickly, you’ll have more precise control over the look you want, and your style will hold longer.
  1. Be sure to detangle and section your hair before getting started.  Sections should never be wider than the cylinder.  Clip top layers of hair out of the way and start with the bottom layers.  The section should be about ½ inch thick and 2-3 inches wide.  In addition to starting with the bottom layer, you will also want to work from back to front when using the Rotating hair iron rotating hot iron.
  2. If you choose to work with damp hair, remove the excess moisture first.  Use the Rotating hair iron on the highest heat appropriate for your grade of hair – or start one temperature level below and increase heat the second time through. Separate out 2-3 inches as normal, and with the rotating cylinder towards your scalp, work the hair outward from the roots to the tips.
  3. The key to straightening very frizzy or tightly curled hair is to work the hair consistently from roots to tips WITHOUT angling the cylinder at all.  Keeping it as straight as possible will help you achieve the most consistent results.
  4. Flip in or Flip out:  Use the tool as you normally would, but to get a flip, turn the cylinder away from you to flip out the ends or toward you to tuck the ends in.  Let the cylinder rotate for 3-6 seconds before releasing the hair.  The bigger the flip you want, the further from the tips you should begin it.  Repeat the technique until you get the look you want.
  5. Create Extra Volume: If you want to increase the volume or height of hair in any location, this tip will help.  Hold the rotating cylinder against the hair you are working with, pushing in the opposite direction of how the hair would naturally fall.  Hold the hair and let the Rotating hair iron rotating cylinder work for 3-6 seconds.  Finish the technique by moving the Rotating hair iron toward the ends, still pushing the hair in the opposite direction.  Maintain just enough tension to keep the hair tight against the cylinder without pulling the hair.  Do this several times until you have the amount of volume you’re looking for.
  6. Straightening Roots with the Rotating hair iron: Section a ½ inch thick section this isn’t wider than the brush head.  Using your free hand, hold it out, away from your scalp.  Close the Rotating hair iron so that the cylinder rotates.  Stroke the section of hair in your hand from the roots outward.  Use the polishing cylinder to straightening both the top and the bottom of the section in your hand. Once the roots are straight, straighten the entire section of hair as you normally would, between the Rotating hair iron brush and the rotating heating iron.  Be patient in straightening the roots.  Don’t hold the cylinder against the roots for more than a few seconds.  With patience, you’ll get the roots straight and be able to craft the hairstyle you want.


These techniques are adapted specifically to use on coarse or African American hair of all grades.  Put them to use and the Rotating hair iron rotating hot iron hair curler will have you looking your best for all occasions.

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