Ceramic Flat Irons

Ceramic Flat Irons (Ceramic hair straightener)

This 1 inch wholesale ceramic flat irons heats up to 95% of its claimed temperature in 60 seconds, which is speedy but not as fast as the 15 seconds claimed since this is PTC heater ceramic hair straighter (more safety for user). It is gliding smoothly through hair and being easy to use, contact us to get wholesale ceramic flat irons price.

Model No.:OL-FI02
Input Voltage:110-240V
Frequency:50-60 Hz
Rated Power:45W/90W
Heating Mode: PTC heating
Plug: EU/US/UK Plug/Customized plug
Material: PET + Aluminium
Temperature: LCD display screen, adjustable temperature up to 230℃
Cable: 2.4M
Plates: 1 inch ceramic plates
Turn off:  30 minutes auto turn off

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Private label Ceramic Flat Irons & Curler 2 in 1 ceramic hair styling tools

The 2 in 1 private label ceramic flat irons made by Olayer wholesale flat irons manufacturer combines the functions of hair straighteners and curling irons. It is working to help you achieve super-sleek, straight hair, polished curls or cascading waves, and the styling iron with floating plates helps you to create gorgeous looks.

Ceramic Technology

With ceramic technology, the ceramic cold air flat iron from Olayer wholesale flat irons manufacturer heats evenly all around, meaning no “hot spots” where a section might get hotter than another and burn or fry your hair. With tourmaline, it achieves ZERO sticking or pulling, and emits negative ions that help smooth the hair and eliminates frizz.

Ceramic Flat Irons

Ceramic Flat Irons


Ceramic Flat Irons made by Olayer flat iron wholesale manufacturer which has the 360° flexible swivel cord and never gets tangled, freely create your desired hairstyle. The 2.4 Meters extra-long cord of this ceramic flat iron gives you the freedom to comfortably style at any angle.

PTC Heating Technology

With the newest PTC heating technology that provides constant & stable heat and takes less time than others to style your hair effectively & safely without damaging the hair.

Automatic turn off

“Have you often forgot to turn off the hair straightener?”—— If you are forgets things easily, the auto shut off feature of this hair straightener and curler from Olayer wholesaler ceramic flatirons supplier can be your lifesaver. It will shut off automatically when you forget it.

Ceramic Flat Irons in beauty life

Having straight hair is what is hot all over the world. more and more people are spending money to make their hair straight just like what they see in celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow or Jennifer Aniston. Their straight locks make them more beautiful and more and more girls just want to get that look which can make them sophisticated in anyway.

However, I believe the trend of having straight hair has been popularized due to the mass production of Ceramic Flat Iron for hair. More and more people were able to achieve straight and sleek hair. In addition, they do not have to worry about frying them because these tools have undergone evolution.

Before, having a straight hair reminds me well of the hippie in the 1960s. I could still remember the movie Dick where Kirsten Dunst played as one of the two teenagers who loved President Nixon but in the end, they were able to uncover a scandal. Her look in that movie was really hippie and I think it was cool to look at because she had long blonde hair that perfectly matched that flag outfit she had to wear in the latter part of the movie. Private label Ceramic Flat Irons from Olayer wholesale flat irons manufacturer could definitely help many women at this time to get that look.

Now it is all over Hollywood. It has made a lot of artists look so sexy and more affluent. Although we do understand that maintaining such look does not come cheap for any actress, you can join the trend. You will have your own means and they cost less than a hundred dollars to achieve great look without damaging your hair. This Ceramic Flat Iron will be your partner for getting that Hollywood look that you used to just admire from the magazines or TV.

However, remember if you have the budget to spare for hair straightening treatment, then why not go for the temporary straights? There is what we call thermal reconditioning, which is a Japanese perm. They have the same concept with Ceramic Flat Irons where in the use heat to reshape the hair. They can make your hair limp and trust me you will achieve that straight hair that you have been wanting. However, it cannot be undone. If this is what sexiness for you, then you will highly appreciate the concept.

However, if you just want it to be temporary then you can opt to do straightening in your bathroom. You do not have to walk through beauty salons to spend hours and hours of intensive labor just to get that bohemian look or Anglo look that you have been dying to have. You can settle for Ceramic Flat Irons and I know they can help you at times when you want to change those wavy or curly locks just like Jennifer Aniston hair look like. They are easy to use and you do not have to worry about damage because the ceramic in this best hair styling tools have the magic to make hair moisturized even with high heat application.

If you are looking for wholesale flatirons company in China, or OEM/ODM flat iron manufacturers for your own models, welcome to contact Olayer, Olayer is private label flat iron manufacturer that offer custom logo flat irons, hair straighteners, hair curlers, hair dryers and other hair irons.

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