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April 7, 2022
  • auto rotating hair iron

Styling African American Hair with the rotating hair iron

Every African American woman has known the disappointment of using a tool “guaranteed” to work on ethnic hair, only to find out it didn’t do the job at all.  This Rotating hair iron review and guide is geared specifically toward African Americans or mixed-race women who have been wondering if this best-selling rotating hot iron will work for them.  Our Rotating hair iron guide discusses the basics of the tool briefly and then gives you the guidance tips you need to create all the great looks you want with this versatile tool. Auto Rotating hair iron Basics See our Auto Rotating hair iron for complete details of how this tool works.  Here are the basics.  One side of the tool is a brush with 4 rows of sturdy bristles.  The bristles won’t back down from coarse hair.  They’ll do their job on any grade of hair you’ve [...]

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  • automatic ceramic curling iron

Wholesale Customized Private Label Automatic Curling Iron

In 1859, an American housewife Pressey invented a curling iron consisting of a handle and a heating body in order to help her children do their hair. In 1861, American entrepreneur David Salinger purchased this technology and perfected it, creating the world's first professional electric heated automatic curling iron, which became popular among American women. In 1912, New York electronic engineer Lawrence Block developed a real automatic hair curler, which controlled constant temperature heating through a circuit board to make the hair perm. Since then, curling irons have been sold in the United States and other countries. By the 1830s, automatic curling irons had become popular all over the world. With the advancement of technology, automatic hair curlers are not only more convenient for styling, but also more comprehensive in the care of hair, if you are running business in automatic curling irons, to get wholesale [...]

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  • best curling iron company

Best curling iron company

Do you know what manufacturers make the best curling irons, before this you must know what best curling irons is, I can tell you that the cold air curler is the best curling iron. Olayer is the best curling iron company in China, which located in Dongguan city of China, where close to Hong Kong city. Olayer best curling iron company offers wholesale factory price for hair styling tools such as negative Ion ceramic hair straightener, hair brush straightener, high-speed hair dryer, lightweight powerful hair blower, 6 in 1 hair curler, ion automatic curling iron, 5 in 1 curling iron, wall mount hair dryer, 1800W hair blow dryer, 1.25 inch flat iron, 1.5 inch curling iron, PTC hair straightener iron, MCH flatirons, cold air flat irons, automatic cool air curling tongs, professional cold air hair curling iron, electric hair curling tongs, electronic hair accessories, laser hair [...]

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  • ceramic clipless curling iron

Best clipless curling wands

What is the best clipless curling wands? In this page we are going to introduce you a somewhat new hair beauty product called a ceramic clipless curling wands which made by Olayer curling iron factory. These are also known as curling wands or conical wands. The key feature of this type of curling wands is having no clamp, and can be changeable the barrel size very easy. These types of clipless curling wands are rapidly gaining popularity, and today we will be discussing some of the advantages of these best clipless curling wands, and then looking at some of other better models from Olayer curing iron manufacturer. Why should you buy the best clipless curling wands? First off lets talk about why these ceramic clipless curlers are so popular right now. Those of you who have used traditional spring or clamp curlers may know about “denting” [...]

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  • dual voltage rotating curling iron

Dual Voltage Rotating Curling Iron

No matter where you are, once you have decided to give your hair a curl or wave, you are going to want to continue this as part of your refreshing new look. Your days of straight hair are past, at least for the time being, and you now want to keep looking as perky, cute, sensual, or striking as that rippling, gleaming mass of curls can make you. When you travel abroad, you are going to want to maintain the same look regardless of where you are – you will not suddenly wish to revert to your straight-haired state just because you are in Paris, Moscow, Nairobi, or Caracas. You might think that your regular ceramic curling iron will be all you need to bring – with a plug adapter for the European-style plug, of course, since power cords from the United States will not fit directly [...]

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  • clipless curling iron wand

Everything you need to know About Ceramic Curling Irons

Improving Your Hair with a Ceramic Curling Irons Hair Curling irons are small but very useful devices that can free you from the limitations of the straight hair bestowed on you at birth by Nature. Just because you were born with straight, or even lank, hair doesn’t mean that you need to have a plain look for your entire life. A little patience and a good ceramic curling iron can cause a complete transformation in your appearance, changing your hair from something that’s merely there into an attention-grabbing coiffure that makes you look and feel like a sexy celebrity. Hair Curling irons do have something of a reputation for damaging hair, and although there is some basis in fact for this, you shouldn’t let this hold you back from getting the thrilling curls that your heart really desires. The truth of the matter is that metal [...]

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  • ceramic cold air hair curler

How to use curling iron to curl your hair by 7 easy steps

Curling your hair for the first time can be a very time intensive process. Over time and with practice you will find that you can get it done faster and faster. There are some guides about How to use curling iron to curl your hair by 7 easy step. The first step is: Making sure that you have a gel, preferably a mouse or styling gel that is designed to work with hair curling irons. It is important that before you apply this gel that your hair is already completely dry. Wet hair will add frizz and not allow you to get proper curls. The second step is: Make sure your hair is divided into different sections this means clipping your hair. Make sure that you untangle your hair prior to using the curling iron this is one of the key factors in the difference in [...]

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  • how to choose a hair curler

how to choose a hair curler

Purchasing a decent hair curling iron is vital, especially for people who use their hair curling iron frequently. Hair irons can cause damage to a person’s hair so one that is of the utmost quality is crucial. When folks spend a few more dollars on curling irons, they will last them a lot longer than the inexpensive ones. The heating element is usually the part that goes first, and the lower the price, the higher the chance of it dying sooner. Then, someone has to go out and buy another one, but if they spend more the first time around and get a high-quality one, it will last a long time and do many other things for the hair and can take care the hair healthy. Before purchasing a hair curling product, a person needs to figure out what he or she is looking for in [...]

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  • automatic ceramic curling iron

USB 18W Cordless Automatic Curling Iron

USB 18W Cordless Automatic Ceramic Curling Iron One of the categorical varieties of the USB 18W cordless automatic curling iron is the ceramic version, known as the Ceramic cordless automatic Curling Iron. With strong barrels being incorporated, and a sturdy grip which provides great curl to hair without taking much time in front of the mirror, is very useful for those who look to curl their hair on a daily or every second day basis and travelling. Plus it does not let the hair get dry after a short period of time. Depending on what is actually required, this USB 18W cordless automatic curling iron is  for short and long hair individuals. The advancement of today’s technology has allowed users to curl and straighten their hair at the same time using a cheaper version of the ceramic cordless automatic hair curler. There are sub categories or [...]

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  • Automatic cold air curling iron

Automatic Ceramic ionic curling iron

Whenever a new hair styling wand product comes out like Automatic ceramic ionic curling iron with cold air (auto ceramic cold air curling wand), there are going to be a lot of people who jump on the bandwagon quite quickly, and others who will immediately be skeptical. Sometimes this skepticism is justified, and other times it may not be, today I am going to introduce this new technology in the hair curling wand tool, which we call Automatic ceramic ionic cold air curling iron, or simply call automatic air curler made by Olayer automatic curling iron factory, of course you could go to other page to know the professional cold air hair curler. In most instances these people need to be sold and they need to be sold strongly. On this page it is not the goal to sell you this automatic ceramic ionic cold air curlers [...]

  • spiral curling iron

Difference between Spiral Iron and Regular Curling Iron

Difference between spiral iron and regular curling iron Lots of women today are craving about different kinds of iron that can make their hair curly. Many of women today find themselves sexy when they wear curly hair. Actually there are two types of iron that can make your hair curly. This is the curling iron and spiral iron. The two irons can definitely give you the curl that you need, but it gives two different curls according to your style. The regular curling iron is the conventional curling iron that is being used by women many years ago and the newest is the spiral curling iron. Both curling iron are effective for curling hair, the only difference is the year when it is launched. If you want to know what curling iron to buy, you must carefully compare the two curling irons to find out what [...]

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  • Triple Barrel Curling Iron

Best Triple Barrel Curling Iron

Best Triple Barrel Curling Iron Finding the best triple barrel curling iron can be a very difficult task nowadays because of the advent of too many brands and style in the market. There are lots of brands available in the market and they are claiming different benefits of their curling iron. They also come in various prices to choose. You will face a very challenging task if you want to buy a curling iron. In choosing for the right curling iron, there are lots of things you should consider first. If you main aim is to replicate the hair of celebrities like you seen in movies; it can be achieve in a very reasonable price. It may all depend on the type of curling iron that you are going to buy. One way to achieve the look that you want is by having a triple barrel [...]

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  • spiral hair curler

How to use Spiral Curling Iron

Women tend to be more experimental than men when it comes to their hairstyle. Hair is one of the most important parts of the body. That is why a lot of women are spending hundreds of dollars just to make their hair beautiful. But today, there are a lot of different ways and products you can use for your hair that do not require expensive budget. Unlike going to parlors every month to curl your hair, you can just buy these spiral curling iron products to curl your own hair. Curling you hair by using cold air curling iron which is made by Olayer curling iron company can be done at home easily. A lot of women feel sexier having big curls on their hair. With the use of few tricks and having the right kind of curling iron tools you can create a sexier bouncy [...]

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  • ion cold air curler

best ceramic curling iron

If you wish your hair to be healthy and lively, you need to change style every now and then to enhance its looks, this will not just enhance your hair but also make you more excited to wake up each day knowing you have a ceramic ionic cold air curling iron that will help you in restyling your hair each day. Women through the years had changed their idea of a perfect and healthy hair. They prefer to have their hair curled a bit and not just leave it limp like the way it used to be years ago. The idea of men when it comes to attractive women also changed through the years, they want them to have a long, shiny hair while some want them to have straight and others want them to have curls. This makes women want to experiment with their hair [...]

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  • spiral curling iron

Spiral Curling Iron

Women with limp hair usually want to make their hair having that volume to have a great looks. Transforming it and have a great looking and easy to do curls will help you achieve the difference you are dreaming off. If you are not born with curly hair, you can easily have that curly look in a minute by simply using a cold air spiral curling iron. This type of curling iron is very popular in the world especially among teens; they want to have fun doing the hairstyle they opt without having to spend in going to salon. Cold air ionic Spiral curling iron from Olayer curling iron company can be done simply by rolling your hair vertically you can make a tight or loose curls depending on your needs. Various types of curls can be both for formal and non- formal occasion. Here are [...]

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  • cold air curling iron

How often do you curl your hair

There is not just one response to this question that is correct for everyone, there are certain guidelines which will help you make a decision How often do you curl your hair with curling iron. If your hair is good healthy, there is no reason you can't use your curler and styling device three to five times a week, and perhaps much more. Consider these guidelines to determine what is right for you. Of course, experience is always the best determinant. If your hair is healthy, more use could be possible. If your hair becomes damaged from using a hair curler, back off until your hair regains its health, then use the styler less frequently moving forward. That common sense approach on how often to use curling iron will serve your hair well. How often do you hair curler your hair? To start with, how healthy [...]

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  • Triple Barrel Curling Irons

Triple Barrel Hair Curling Irons

The triple barrel hair curling irons (3 barrel hair curling irons) made by Olayer China hair curler manufacturer are really hot these days as we witness the emerging popularity of the S waves back to dominate the fashion trend this season. It does not matter if you want big S curls like those you see on the classic movie stars or the tight flirty curls adorning the head of runway models, the iron is the tool to get to achieve that look. Basically it has three barrels of similar size that is used to create that effect. These barrels are places in a position that would allow the hair to form a temporary S wave shape when the hair is wrapped around it. The different types of metals used to make these barrels affect the quality of the curls you get. Different barrels produce different quality [...]

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  • travel hair curling irons

Travel Hair Curling Irons

Travel Hair curling irons made by Olayer China hair curler manufacturer can be a great investment if you travel frequently and wish to keep your signature hairstyle with you no matter where you go. Using a corded hair curling iron can be a challenging task sometimes as the voltage varies when you travel from one country to another and the irons might be unusable in certain parts of the world. In these cases, a cordless hair curling iron works best to give you the curls you need any time of the day, anywhere in the world. No woman’s grooming kit would be complete without these handy items around. A travel curling iron can make a whole lot of difference to the way your hair looks when you are out there away from the comforts of your home. Travel hair curling irons from Olayer hair curler wholesale [...]

  • cordless hair curler

Cordless Hair Curler

Cordless Hair Curler from Olayer hair curler manufacturer can really help make a woman’s life much easier. Now these handy units can be brought anywhere without the need to worry about finding a power outlet to run it.  To add those special final touches or to freshen up a curl, nothing works better than a cordless curling iron. Cordless hair curling irons are normally battery operated or they run on butane. Both are easily replaceable so you would not worry too much about losing power when using it if you stare an extra can of butane or two and a few batteries around. These are really convenient to use as you can style and shape your hair without being encumbered by cords. Olayer is cordless hair curler manufacturer in China, offer cold air hair curler, cordless hair curling iron, cold air hair straightener, automatic cold wind [...]

Ceramic Cold Air Hair Curler

When an average hair curling iron could not make customers happy, stylists look to the Ceramic ionic cold air curler iron for beautiful, polished results, curl after curl. Olayer hair curler manufacturer Patented "cold air hair curler iron or cool air curler" senses heat loss within the iron and corrects it to ensure that the barrel is properly heated throughout. This cool air styler iron heats up quickly and keeps hot even through very long hours and demanding conditions. With the cold air system on the top of the curling iron, use 20,000 turns fan will increase a big wind to your air, this will cool your hair immediately once your hair sliding off from the curling iron, plus the negative ionic device which will generate 20 million negative ions to your hair, your curls shape hair will be sleek, shiny, and soft, with this ionic [...]

  • 6 in 1 hair curler wholesale

7 In 1 Multi Barrels Interchangeable Waver Hair Curler

7 In 1 Multi Barrels Interchangeable Waver Hair Curler Model No.: OL-CL04 Input Voltage: 110-240V Frequency: 50-60 Hz Rated Power: 35W Heating Mode: PTC heating Plug: EU/US/UK Plug/Customized plug Material: PET+Aluminium Max Temperature: 230℃ Cable: 2.4M Features:  7 Interchangeable Barrels Waver Hair Curler Hair Styling 7 In 1 Multi Barrels Interchangeable Waver Hair Curler Professional Magic Hair Curler Set Olayer is hair Curler wholesale manufacturer in China, offer 7 in 1 Interchangeable Waver Hair Curler iron wholesale and manufacture factory price, and other hair styling tools include cold air flat iron, cold air hair curler, high speed hair dryer, etc. 7 In 1 Multi Barrels Interchangeable Waver Hair Curler Professional Magic Hair Curler Set 7 In 1 Interchangeable Waver Hair Curler is a combination of 7 curling barrel [...]

  • 1.25 inch hair curler company

Curling Iron Companies

Olayer is one of the best curling iron companies & manufacturers in China, provide Chinese hair curler iron tools including professional hair curling iron, automatic ceramic hair curler, custom wholesale curling irons, and other hair styling tools, is one of the best curling ion companies in China. if you are looking for curling iron manufacturers or factory in China, contact us. Women love to play with their hair with China hair curler and other hairdressing tools. As much as they love changing clothes and putting colors on their face, the hair is also an important factor for beauty. Different hairstyles are adapted from various hair devices. They can go to the hair salon to have it done but what is common right now is styling at their own homes. With the available devices like curling iron tools made by Olayer China curling iron factory, every woman in [...]

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