Clipless curling iron/ curling wand

professional 1 inch clipless curling iron, 1 1/4 clipless curling iron.

  • Heats up to 450 F in 50 second.
  • LCD display.
  • PTC safety heater element.
  • Automatic shut-off up to 60 minutes.
  • Dual voltage clipless curling iron wand for worldwide use.
  • Includes Two-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.
  • Ceramic barrel- ceramic technology provides consistent temp curl after curl, as well as negative ions seal the cuticles and repel humidity.
  • 360 degree swivel connection to prevent tangling.
  • private label clipless curling iron wands with wholesale price.

Woman today are always trying to get that salon look but without the salon price. That has gotten easier with clipless curling iron. Using a clipless curling wand creates those professional curls easily and can now be done alone.

They vary in material, some are Teflon, some are ceramic and others have a metal shaft. Some of the best ones come with a Kevlar glove so that you do not burn yourself while handling the clipless curling wands. Cheap clipless curling irons are typically made out of metal and can be found at any department store, cosmetic stores and online.

Most of major and popular brand of ceramic clipless curling iron or curling wand is those made by China curling iron manufacturers. The Olayer professional clipless curling iron is made from ceramic materials.

Olayer curling iron factory holds the most popular one that you might find out is the 5 in 1 ceramic clipless curling iron (1 inch clipless curling iron, 1 1/4 inch clipless curling iron, 1 1/ 2 inch clipless curling iron, 0.8 inch clipless curling iron,0.7 inch spiral curling iron). in this 5 in 1 clipless curling iron set, the 1 inch clipless curling iron and 1 1/4 clipless curling irons are the most popular irons amount. this 5 in 1 curling irons set has a temperature setting up to 450 degrees.

clipless curling iron

clipless curling iron

With the 5 different interchangeable inserts, you can create multiple styles of curls with one iron and get that fresh from Salon look without all the extra cost. Their site claims that these are the same clipless curling iron that top salons use and the price reflect that.

Olayer wholesale hair curling irons factory has other types of curling irons as well. They have other curling irons that have a simpler mechanism that only comes with one barrel. However, the clipless hair curling iron from Olayer curling iron factory that has a ceramic barrel provides a shinier and long lasting curl.

Since this doesn’t have a clip, you can be sure that your hair will not have the creases or indentations that can be found when using traditional curling irons of the 1900′s. You can still get the temperature up to about 450 degrees if you need it, as well as create tight and medium curls. The only difference is that you do not have multiple barrels to choose from to vary your style from day to day if that is what you wanted to do.

There are other curling iron companies that make a ceramic clipless curling iron. They range in price and quality as with any product that is as widely used as a curling iron.

Olayer is the best curling iron company that manufacture of health and beauty iron products over 15 years. If you are looking for clipless curling iron then you need to try the Olayer clipless curling iron wand products.

Olayer is a professional clipless curling iron manufacturer of curling irons and other hair care products. It uses top quality and innovative modern technology to produce affordable curling irons and other hair beauty tools. Olayer clipless curling iron can create perfect curl or waves without visiting a salon.

Clipless Curling Iron made by Olayer curling iron factory is a new hair styling curling iron without a clamp. It is one of the most affordable clipless curling wands in the market and beautiful curls done like the pros. The Olayer clipless curling iron has 5 interchangeable different size of barrels that create range of wave styles from beach-like to natural waves without visiting a professional hair stylist.

Different kind of waves can be created, spiral waves or oval waves depending on which barrel size you are selecting and how to handle the barrels to waves your hair around the barrels. The Olayer clipless curling wands makes use of tourmaline ceramic technology to reduce hair damage and frizz, and prevent hot spots.

This Olayer 32mm clipless curling iron has a 30 second instant heat, automatic shut off after 40 minutes and a heat protective glove. These allow you to create a smooth and frizz free curls in no time. Just wrap the hair round this clipless wand curling iron and hold in place for a few seconds and what you get is a nice-looking curl. You Curl has a uniform heat recovery system for creating perfect curls. You will be surely satisfied with this 32mm clipless curling iron and other size of clipless wand curling iron.

This Olayer ceramic clipless curling iron with cold air system on the other hand generates cold air to gently style the hair, this makes it generally safer to use with all hair types. This clipless ceramic cold air hair curler has 20 million negative irons that will blowing to your hair immediately once your hair curls.

The Olayer ceramic clipless cold air curling iron has a ceramic barrel with cool tip and gets heated instantly within 20 seconds. It has 20 temperature control settings with temperature recovery system, and an automatic shut-off feature. Like other curling irons or ceramic clipless curling iron, it has limited two years warranty time.

This 1 1/4 clipless curling iron has dual voltage settings and can be your travel mate, because it is portable and user-friendly. Its handle is designed to give you full control and precision. This portable ceramic 32mm clipless curling iron provides 15 heat settings with LCD display.

Olayer best curling iron company offer private label clipless wand curling iron, high speed hair dryer, 1 inch clipless curling iron, custom logo hair iron, wholesale clipless curling iron and all other hair styling tools made by Olayer. Contact us to get price list.

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