Dual Voltage Rotating Curling Iron

March 6, 2022
dual voltage rotating curling iron

No matter where you are, once you have decided to give your hair a curl or wave, you are going to want to continue this as part of your refreshing new look. Your days of straight hair are past, at least for the time being, and you now want to keep looking as perky, cute, sensual, or striking as that rippling, gleaming mass of curls can make you.

When you travel abroad, you are going to want to maintain the same look regardless of where you are – you will not suddenly wish to revert to your straight-haired state just because you are in Paris, Moscow, Nairobi, or Caracas.

You might think that your regular ceramic curling iron will be all you need to bring – with a plug adapter for the European-style plug, of course, since power cords from the United States will not fit directly into European sockets. However, it is a good idea to bring a curling iron that you might not consider using in the U.S.A. – a dual-voltage rotating curling iron that can handle several levels of voltage. The same is true in reverse if you live in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and so on, and are planning a trip to another region or the United States – a dual-voltage rotating curling iron can be handy whenever you intend to go to an overseas nation.

This is especially true if you use state-of-the-art curling irons that may have a heavy power draw. Since different countries use different voltages, plugging a regular curling iron in while you are staying at a hotel room or apartment, with only one voltage demanded by the device, could potentially damage the wiring in the building you are staying at. Out of courtesy and respect for your fellow human, you undoubtedly don’t want to cause an electrical failure or possibly even a hazardous electrical fire at a later date when someone else tries to use the wiring. On a personal level, you also don’t want to end up paying a repair bill of several hundred or several thousand dollars if the damage to the power system is drastic enough to be noticed immediately.

dual voltage rotating curling iron, on the other hand, will allow you to switch between the voltage you use in your own country and that used abroad. There are only two voltages used worldwide – either 110 volts or 240 volts – so you do not need to worry about finding a special dual-voltage implement to use for different countries. One size of dual-voltage fits all, in a manner of speaking, since regardless of where you travel, either one or the other of the voltages will work.

In choosing this dual voltage hair curler, you should also follow the usual rules for picking a traveling curling iron, if possible. You want a ceramic curling iron, since those devices with ceramic barrels give the best results, produce gleaming, glossy hair, heat fast, and are least likely to produce any kind of frizzing, dulling, or split hair ends. A fairly compact model is best, since you will be carrying it on aircraft, in taxis, and in your bags when you need to walk.

If it is a rechargeable cordless variety, so much the better, since you may not wish to do your hair at the exact place where electricity is available. And, if your current curling iron is totally indispensable, you always have the option to buy a voltage converter – although it is yet another thing to carry with you, a converter like this will let you use regular-voltage items from your country with the different voltage in a foreign land.

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