1.25 Inch Professional Hair Curler

Input Voltage:110-240V
Frequency:60 Hz
Rated Power:65W
Heating Iron Diameter: 19mm/32mm
Heating Mode: PTV Heating
Plug: EU/US/UK Plug/Customized plug
Material: PET+Aluminium
Max Temperature:190℃
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The 1.25 inch professional Hair curler Iron made by Olayer hair curler company utilizes high grade ceramic elements to deliver unprecedented precision and control during the styling process. Comfort fit ergonomic styling allows the 1.25″ hair Curling iron to remain comfortable to the touch for the duration of the styling process. 1.25 curling iron products from Olayer China hair curling iron company utilize tourmaline crystal to enhance the ionic effect. Tourmaline dramatically reduces time spent during the styling process.

With Olayer’s technology, even the most problematic hair textures are easily transformed into stunning styles that last for days in between treatments. Olayer’s negative ion therapy repairs, restores and replenishes hair as it moisturizes and volumizes. The 1.25 Inch Professional Hair Curler made by Olayer hair curler wholesale manufacturer puts gorgeous hair previously only available after hours of salon work, within the reach of the home user.

Advantages of 1.25 Inch Professional Hair Curler

  • Tourmaline treated 100% ceramic heating elements
    1.25 Inch Professional Hair Curler

    1.25 Inch Professional Hair Curler

  • Pure ceramic plates
  • Rapid heating to 410 degrees
  • Neutralizes hair frizz and static
  • Safe effective hair treatment
  • Rapid results in half the time of conventional models.
  • Negative ion therapy and far infrared repair and restore hair

This Olayer 1.25 inch professional hair Curler Iron with Multi-Heat Control which made by Olayer Chinese hair curling iron wholesale manufacturer is an innovative device past the typical curling irons from way before and is one of the Best Hair Curling Irons on the market today.

Having been on the lookout for a time, standing within walkways of outlets and checking out the wide array of hair curling irons can be overwhelming. Anyhow, this hot hair styling tool with multi-heat regulator had proven itself to be durable, good for the hair, and work rapidly. You can never be late again for that important date or meeting and still look your best.

Creating waves in your hair or making it silky and soft is not an easy task. Doing it on a regular basis with other hair curling iron types may be damaging to the hair and too much for the device to take since it is not a specialized type of gadget.

The features of this hot tool curling iron have convened with the needs of the modern woman on the go. Women today not only aspire to climb the pinnacle of their careers but they would like to attain this while looking their best most of the hours of the day. It is imperative that they can fix themselves without eating much of their time. Punctuality says a lot about a person’s personality, habits, and capability.

Olayer 1.25 Inch Professional Hair Curler Iron with Multi-Heat Control has awesome features. It has a barrel with twenty-four karat brown plating. The barrel is for hard-wearing usage and has longer cool tip. The heating capacity of this super tool is long lasting whether for personal or professional use. It can heat up rapidly up to 428 degrees Fahrenheit and has wattage power of 85.

Its thermostat can put into memory the user’s usual heat setting with its additional feature of distinct on and off switches. With it hard-wearing usage, the user will be comfortable with its soft handle and swivel cable that is eight feet in length. The best thing about it, it is alright to use for all types of hair. No need to bring along additional types of curling irons. This is the only thing you will need to achieve those looks every woman wants.

People have loved this Olayer 1.25″ Hair Curling Iron with Multi-Heat Control because of the fact that it is the latest and most sophisticated professional hair styling device that ever hit the market. Most of the consumers have rated this tool with four to five stars. Not only does it heat up fast, it is able to maintain an even heat and while styling you can convert from low heating to extra hot without a problem.

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All of hair styler tools from Olayer hair curling iron company that have Ceramic plate and negative ionic technology, Olayer provide custom design & development hair styling tools service, private label hair tools are available to all of our hair style irons, OEM/ODM contract manufacture service for your own hair irons. contact Olayer to discuss your project now.

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