Wholesale Hair Straightening Brush (hot air straightening brush)

Input Voltage: 110-240V
Frequency: 50-60 Hz
Rated Power: 1000W
Heating Mode: MCH heating
Plug : EU/US/UK Plug/Customized plug
Material: PET+Aluminium
Heating Temperature: 100/120℃
Cable: 2M
Warranty : 1 Year
Custom LOGO and private label service available,
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Hot Air Straightening Brush

A hot air straightening brush made by Olayer Hair Straightening Brush Wholesale company reduces the styling time by allowing you to smooth, volumize, dry, and straighten your hair just in one step with one tool.

Cause the ordinary hair straightening brush does not have the drying power of a regular blow dryer, so it is an inadvisable decision to use it on damp hair. But this hot air straightening brush combines the powerful airflow of a blow dryer with the smoothing and straightening benefits of a flat iron. Both dry and damp hair can be used. It has many unique and ingenious designs. Such as the ball-tipped and anti-scald bristles, When you are drying your hair, the ball-tipped bristles can prevent tangles and be snagging. Moreover, they can also massage the scalp.


Choose the setting you desired by rotating the tail of the handle and brush slowly through dry or damp hair. The hairbrush bristles help control and guide your hair, and then your hair slides over the ceramic and tourmaline plate of the comb, which contributes to spreading heat evenly across the ceramic aluminum alloy heating plates. The air outlet on the plate sends out even and constant temperature hot airflow, effectively accelerating the evaporation of water, to achieve the effect of rapid hair drying. This avoids overheating spots are being created during the styling process to damage the keratin in your hair. The heated plate or hot airflow smooth and polish the hair’s cuticle. Ceramic material helps the hair glides through the heating plate without pulling and tugging, reducing breakage and damage to the hair.


Most people hold the opinion that hot air hair straightening brushes made by Olayer Hair Straightening Brush Wholesale manufacturer are safer, faster, and easier to use than flat irons.

You don’t have to partition your hair in advance, section parts of hair, and straighten it one by one as you do when using the flat irons. The temperature range on this straightening hot airbrush offers much lower temperatures (100/120℃) than a flat iron, without fear of overheating your hair while styling. Because of the wide comb shape and dense comb teeth you can heat larger amounts of hair at a time, styling faster and saving your time.

With an anti-scald design, nylon, and boar bristles, so you don’t have to worry about burning your scalp or hands when using a heated brush. As one of the safest styling tools out there, hot air straightening brush just creates little heat damage because it glides smoothly through hair, instead of holding your hair against a hot surface like curling irons or hair straighteners.


The low setting for fine/thin hair types.

The high setting for thick/coarse/textured hair types.

The cool-air setting to enhance shine and lock in your style.

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