Olayer is a China wholesale custom Hair styling tools manufacturer & company, provide wholesale factory price for negative Ion ceramic hair flat irons, hair straightening irons, cold air hair irons, electric hair curling rods, electronic hair accessories, laser hair removal, natural hair dressing tools and other custom professional hair styling tools.

Ceramic Ionic cold air Hair straightener made by Olayer custom hair styling tools wholesale company are with ceramic or tourmaline plates plus cold air which will never burn (singe) or damage any hair type with our new technology, when every single hair made by our hairdressing tools then cold air will blow immediately from top of hair dressing tool with Negative Ion, this will be styling your hair shape directly and lock the moisture in your hair and better hair healthy, there are many hairdressing tools made by Olayer Chinese custom hair styling tools manufacturer, please go to our custom hairdressing tools wholesale page to check, if you need OEM/ODM or private label hair styling tools welcome to send us an email.

Olayer private label hair tools company have wholesale hair styling tools products with the latest technology at the best wholesale prices available along with 2 year or life time warranties. We want you to know that our customer’s satisfaction is our #1 priority in Ion cold air Hair straightener and other electric hair style tools from Olayer ion hair styling tools wholesale manufacturer.

Dongguan Olayer Technology Co., ltd, is also a wholesale OEM/ODM private label hairdressing tools manufacturer & electric items factory in China, Olayer has been producing plastic mold, die casting, metal parts, assembly service over 15 years, since middle of 2021 ,Olayer bought custom hair styling tools manufacturer (this hair dressing tools manufacturer has 15 years of rich experience in manufacturing hair dressing tools) and start to make their own hair-dressing tools including Ceramic Ion hair straightener brush, wed to dryer hair  straightener brush, Ion hair straightening iron, lightweight powerful hair dryer, Ionic hair dryers, powerful hair dryer, Ceramic Ion hair curlers, ionic cold air curling iron, cold air flat iron, 6 in 1 curling iron, etc. There are Negative Ionic technology to all of our hair-dressing tools.

Since Olayer Private label hair tools company’s original business is manufacturing plastic molds, molded parts, manual assembly, and post manufacturing such as painting, silk-screen, plating, machining etc.,  if you have your new project that need OEM/ODM manufacturer to make, Olayer will have great advantages so save mold manufacturing cost for your new project, because all of those hairdressing tools that needs plastic molds and metal parts, if you have your own new models, or you are looking for ODM & OEM contract manufacturer for your custom hair style tools or electric parts, Olayer can save your initial cost over 65%, lead time can be as fast as 15 working days, Olayer can handle all of them for your project from model design, prototyping, testing/function verification and inspection, mold/molding manufacturing, metals, electric parts, PCB board, assembling, packing and delivery.

Olayer Private label hair tools team has been manufacturing the hairdressing tools over 15 years, so the quality of hair styling tools will be 100% controlled, all of electronic wholesale hair styling tools made by Olayer hairdressing tools company will be 100% inspected, once the assembly jobs have been done, Olayer private label hair tools manufacturer’s inspection team will move all of hair tools in to the inspection section so that the QC will test completely and then packing well.

In order to know more detail and our capacity and advantages about hair styling tools and private label hair tools, you can send us an email at sales@olayer.com.