Air hair straightener /Air flat iron

Air hair straightener, airflow hair straightener, air flat iron with 50 million negative ions.
110,000 rpm brushless motor, low noise and fast dring, wet to drying in one step
Powerful air to cool your heating hair immediately to prevent your hair from heat damage.
Built-in negative ions device to style your hair sleek. shiny and against static.
Titanium plates to have balance heat distribution.
Max temperature 240°C (465°F), fast heating in 50 second. stable heating
Smooth, floating plates for straightening, curling styling.

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What is air hair straightener or air flat iron?

Air hair straightener, also known as a air flat iron or airflow hair straightener, works by using powderful air which built in digital brushless motor (110,000rpm) with titanium heating plates to straighten the hair. Unlike traditional hair straighteners that use heat to straighten the hair, a air hair straightener uses a stream of air to drying the hair immediately once the plates straightening through the hair, this air hair straightener can directly working on th wet hair and straightening or curling the hair style.

The way it works is that the high speed air is directed through holes onto the hair, and the plates are then used to smooth and straighten the hair as it is passed through. The air helps to dry the hair as it is being styled, which can reduce the overall time required to straighten the hair. It also helps to reduce the risk of heat damage, which can be a concern when using traditional heat-based straighteners.

This air hair straighteners have 6 adjustments of  the temperature 4 adjustments of air speed, this is allowing you to customize the styling experience to your hair type and desired results. This air flat iron also have the ability to create negative ions which can help to reduce frizz and static and make the hair more shiny and manageable.

Advantages of this air hair straightener

One of the advantages of using an air flat iron is that it can help to drying your wet hair directly to be styled, which can reduce the overall time required to drying your hair and then straighten the hair. This air hair straightener is beneficial for those with thick and curly hair since there is air to drying or cool your heating hair, this will be more care your hair healthy.

Another advantage is this air hair straightener often have the ability to adjust the temperature up to 465°F, allowing you to straight your thick hair fast, with the powerful digital moter air that will reduce the risk of heat damage and burning, which can be a concern when using traditional flat irons on thick and curly hair.

However, it’s important to note that not all air hair straighteners are created equal, some of air straightener does not able to feel any air, and our air hair straighener use 110,000 rpm digital brushless motor. so it’s important to read reviews, compare features, and consult with a hair professional before buying to find the best one suitable for thick and curly hair.

A good air hair straightener should have ceramic or tourmaline plates, adjustable temperature control, high volume air, and built-in negative irons that can help to reduce heat damage and straight your hair perfect.

airflow flat iron

About our airflow hair straightener

Olayer is a wholesale hair straightener company in China, offer air hair straightener (airflow hair straightener), far infrared hair dryer, high speed hair dryer and other hair styling tools.

The 1 inch air hair Straightener ( air flat iron) made by Olayer hair straightener manufacturer is really very easy and comfortable to use. Works well on fine hair, thick and frizzy hair, it is one of the best design and the newest technology on the market today, below some more detail about our air hair straightener.

The Powfer digital brushless motor Air System

Unlike traditional air hair straightener that use high heat to straighten hair, Olayer’s airfolow hair straightener uses a brushless motor air system. This system works by blowing powfer air onto your hair once you slider your flat iron through your hair, which will cool your heat hair temperature done to prevent damage (when you work on your dry hair) or dyring your hair from wet to drying and styling dirctly (straightening or curling styling). The air also helps to seal the hair cuticle, which can reduce frizz and static.

50 Million Negative Ions

Olayer’s air hair straightener features 50 million negative ions, which help to reduce frizz and static. Negative ions work by neutralizing the positive ions in your hair, which can cause frizz and flyaways. By reducing frizz and static, your hair will look smoother and more polished.

Prevents Heat Damage

As mentioned earlier, Olayer’sair flat iron uses a brusless motor air generator, which helps to prevent heat damage. Traditional flat irons can get extremely hot, which can cause damage to the hair cuticle. 

If there is humid in your area do not worry. Just pick our titanium plates air hair Straightening which will give you the super straight hair and remains the same for a long time, and will take care of your hair healthy.

If you have shoulder length hair then this 1 inch air  hair Straightener will take only 5-10 minutes to drying and straighting your unruly and unmanaged hair. Again it does great job on thick or curly hair too. You might adopt the curly hair style at the end.

Before straightening you must take the shower with conditioner, towels dry the hair and after that use the air hair straightener and step up the air speed according to your requirement. No matter what type of hair you have. You would just fall in love with your hair after using the Olayer air hair Straightener. It does not pull out your hair.


The Olayer  inch cold air hair Straightener heats up to 240°C (465°F) within 60 seconds. It has 6 temperature settings with LED screen. So you can adjust the temperature according to your hair type. if has 4 air speed settings. Use the higher temperature for thick and curly hair and apply a medium temperature for fine hair.


If you have the layer cut hair please go for this Olayer Titanium 1 inch air hair Straightener. It would give your hair the actual layer shape. It has the dual voltage system. So you can use it worldwide. Though it is little higher that traditional hair straightener but works great. It is in regular shape but you can take it in travelling. It never burn or damages your hair.


The Olayer air hair straightener has lots of high technology so the price maybe a little higher than others. but your will find out it is worth, and if you order in bulk we will offer you the best wholesale price. It is not suitable for very short hair. Never forget to use the heat protecting serum or oil before straightening.

If you’re looking for a hair styling tool that not only straightens your hair but also keeps it healthy and smooth, you might want to consider Olayer’s cold air flat iron. This innovative tool features 50 million negative ions that help to reduce frizz and static, leaving your hair looking sleek and beautiful. In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of using Olayer’s cold air flat iron.

Product name

Olayer Titanium Ion 1 inch Air hair Straightener

Brand Olayer, OEM, private label brand
Specialty leaves your hair in soft, silk and shine shape
Suitable hair type Long, thick and curly hair
Key Features
  1. Input Voltage: 110-240V
  2. Rated Power: 350W
  3. 6 models plus 4 air speed models -can cross adjusting the model setting
  4. LED high-definition digital display
  5. The wire rotates 360°, making it easy for hairstylists to operate
  6. 110,000 rpm brushless motor, low noise and fast dring
  7. Wet to drying and straightening in one step
  8. Max Temperature: 240℃ (465℉), MCH heating
  9. EU/US/UK Plug/Customized plug
Wet hair Can use directly on wet hair
Dry hair Can use on dry hair
Positive side Reduces the frizzy mood
Negative side Not suitable for short hair
Wholesale Price of the product contact us to get discount base on your quantity
Temperature Adjustable temperature based on hair type
Weight Light weight (500g)
Work possibility It can make both straight or curly hair
Size Regular size
Including accessories
  • air hair straightener
  • User manual guide
Color Black, red, pink, or any other custom color
Warranty  2 year completely guarantee
Custom Logo is available (Private label) Yes

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