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December 9, 2021
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Hair Dryer Manufacturer & factory in China

Olayer is one of the custom China hair dryer manufacturers & factories, located in Dongguan city, China, where close to Hongkong city, provide lightweight powerful high speed hair dryer, custom hair dryer, infrared hair blow dryers, cold air hair straightener, automatic cold air hair curler iron, wet to dryer hair straightener brush and other hair styling tools and hair care products, it is OEM/OEM & private label custom wholesale hair dryer factory in China that offer the wholesale hair dryer price and private label for others hairdressing tools, in this page we will introduce you a lightweight powerful hair dryer made by Olayer hair dryer factory.

There is nothing worse than buying something that is meant for salon use only to have it break down. This can be frustrating because they always seem to stop working at the most inopportune time and then you have to go out and invest in another blow dryer that will mysteriously stop working as well. You might as well start out with something professional, such as a Olayer’s salon lightweight powerful hair dryer which made by Olayer hair dryer manufacturers. This is a great option because it will continue working time after time for years to come, and it is the fast blow hair dryer China tool with quite noise as less as 75db but have 110,000 turns high speed brushless motor.

What Sets Olayer light weight powerful High speed hair dryer Apart from the Competition 

When you buy a light-weight powerful high speed hair blow dryer from Olayer custom wholesale hair dryer manufacturers, you’ll be buying a very high quality blow dryer that simply will not disappoint. These are high quality professional powerful lightweight hair dryer with diffuser and folding design plus long cord that simply work better than any of the other models that you have ever had.  Wonder what makes the Olayer light-weight high speed hair blow dryer so much better than anything else?  First and foremost, all of the lightweight Professional hair dryer models have at least 20 million negative ions plus ceramic heating element rather than a metal heating component.  This is a good thing because it allows for you to safely and effectively dry your hair every time, this lightweight high speed hair dryer has small size with foldable design and lightweight 320g but high speed, there is 110,000 turns speed brushless motor with low noise to 75 decibel, and the fashionable design you will enjoy this high speed hair dryer which is made by Olayer China custom hair dryer factory.

The private label foldable professional high speed hair dryer with high power & lightweight made by Olayer custom hair dryer manufacturer will protect your hair from static electricity by having a low electric frequency and 20 million negative ions, which is also a positive thing.  When you want to take care of your hair, you want these features as they will really allow you to get the styling that you want without over processing and damaging your hair in the process.

Lightweight professional High speed hair blow dryer models made by Olayer custom Chinese hair dryer wholesale manufacturer vary in size and type so there is something for everyone to choose from.  There are hand held options as well as those that are wall mounted and even hard hat varieties. These all have the alternative heating element and they also have great drying vents, use diffusers, and some even have two additional concentrator attachments to fit all of your blow drying needs, the cable can be fasten plus the folding handle design and smaller size, this will be very easy to pack during the travel, so this light weight high speed hair dryer will be one of the best travel hair dryers.

You may be surprised at all of high quality professional lightweight hair blow dryers from Olayer best hair dryer company. Some are smaller, some are more powerful, and some have attachments.  Before you buy, consider what you really need and what may be just a nice bonus option. You will find that these high speed hair dryers from Olayer China custom wholesale hair dryer factory are much more expensive than your average blow dryer.  While you may be hesitant to spend the money, you should stop and think about how many blow dryers you have purchased in the past.  If you add up all of those purchases, you have likely spent more than this! A high speed hair dryer is well worth the investment because it is likely to last for years and will make you and your clients happy. If you want to know more parameters  please go to  Olayer high speed hair dryer product page.

If you are looking for custom private label high speed blow dryer products and hair dryer manufacturers USA or China, you are welcome to contact us, we will offer you the wholesale price with custom logo and custom packing according to your requirement.

Olayer is a company manufactures hair dryers with wholesale price, offer custom hair dryer, OEM/ODM hair style tools & private label hair styling tools, Olayer hair dryer factory can produce your custom hair dryer and your other electric project depending on to your samples, design, or even a simple concept, Olayer supply all in one stop service for your hairdressing tools from model design, prototyping, re-prototyping, mould & molding manufacturing, testing, certification, installation, final examination, packing and delivery.

Olayer hair dryer factory has 15 years of rich experience in making custom hair dryer & hair style irons, all of hair style irons produced from Olayer custom wholesale hair dryer manufacturers will definitely have at least 2 year quality assurance, if you have a hair styling irons project that ready to make, or need private label china hair dryer, you are welcome to speak to, with our rich experience we manufacture you the best quality and fast lead time.

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