Top 10 Hair Dryer Manufacturers in the World

June 4, 2024
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Top 10 Hair Dryer Manufacturers in the World

Hair dryers are important tools in styling hair and are one of the must-have tools for hair grooming. They are also time-saving as they help dry hair faster than natural air drying or other traditional methods, which is helpful to people, especially those who do not have enough time to wait for their hair to dry naturally. Most hair dryers today also have multiple innovative and extraordinary features to make them more efficient, effective, and suited to various needs.

The hair dryer market continuously grows globally. According to Fortune Business Insights and Business Research Insights, this industry is projected to increase in billions by 2032, exhibiting a forecast compound annual growth rate of around 6.8% to 6.11%. Some trends and key factors that influence it are technological advancements, e-commerce growth, income, and fashion trends.

Here are some of the major players and top hair dryer manufacturers from different parts of the world.

  1. Dongguan Olayer Technology Co., Ltd.

Olayer is a hair dryer supplier, manufacturer, and distributor in China. It provides innovative and high-quality hair styling tools for beauty professionals and hairstylists. Their products aim to make every styling session fast, easy, and effective and help hairstylists create stunning looks easily. Some of its products are high-speed hair dryers, wet-to-dry hair straightener brushes, cold air curling irons, natural hairdressing tools, and more.

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Key Hair Dryer Products and Innovations

  • High-speed hair dryer with far infrared-OEM and private label brand
  • Lightweight, Powerful Hair Dryer with Diffuser
  • Far infrared traditional hair dryer
  • air hair straightener with digital brusless motor 110,000rpm

Why Choose Olayer’s Hair Dryer manufacturer

Made by a Professional Team. Olayer has a professional team that ensures the quality of their products. They are committed to providing the best possible hair styling experience that customers will surely love.

Uses the Latest Technology. Olayer uses the latest technology to create or develop various hair styling tools and ensures that its products suit the needs of its customers.

Preferred Choice of Beauty Professionals worldwide. Beauty professionals and hair stylists from around the world prefer Olayer’s products as they are innovative, easy to use, and have excellent features.

  1. Dyson

Dyson is known globally for its innovative range of products. It produces various products, such as high-tech hair care products, vacuum cleaners, air treatment, headphones, lighting, parts, and accessories. It has a significant presence and is part of many households in various countries, such as Singapore, the United Kingdom, the Philippines, and Malaysia. Dyson’s hair products are made to style your hair the way you want, keep hair healthy, and reduce hair damage.

Key Hair Dryer Products and Innovations

  • Supersonic – Dyson’s first hair dryer
  • Supersonic Nural – Dyson’s iconic hair dryer with added intelligence

Why Choose Dyson’s Hair Dryer

Automatically Adapts. Its Supersonic Nural® hair dryer automatically adapts to protect the scalp health and enhance shine.

Fast drying and styling. Dyson’s hair dryer helps hair dry faster and smoother. It also reduces frizz and flyaways, making hair stunning.

No heat damage. It is designed meticulously to protect hair from heat damage. Its products are created to keep the hair beautiful and in good condition without damaging it.

  1. GHD

GHD is one of the excellent hair dryer and blow dryer manufacturers. The three hairdressers from Yorkshire started this company in 2001, and their dedication made their products popular. Its name means “good hair day.” It aims to empower women to look and feel beautiful to help them achieve their ambitions. It has a “Beautiful Ambition,” which celebrates the wonderful things women can fulfil when they look and feel beautiful.

Key Hair Dryer Products and Innovations

  • GHD Helios™ Professional Hair Dryer in White
  • GHD AIR® Hair Dryer

Why Choose GHD

Professional Performance. GHD’s hair tool products are known for their salon-quality performance. With its products, beautiful hair can be achieved without visiting the salon.

Empowering Women. It empowers women to fulfil their ambitions and do extraordinary things through its products by making them feel and look beautiful.

Technology and Innovation. It uses cutting-edge technology to deliver quality results that customers love, such as enhancing shine, reducing frizz, smoothing hair, and giving hair a salon-style finish.

  1. Hot Tools

Hot Tools® is a hair styling tool manufacturer from the USA that has been creating beautiful hairstyles for over 25 years. Its high-quality styling tools help professional stylists and individuals create beautiful hairstyles, especially when styling hair for various events, such as photographic studios, runways, and fashion shows. This professional and well-known brand is trusted by professionals worldwide.

Key Hair Dryer Products and Innovations

  • Black Gold™ Pro 2000W Ionic Salon Dryer
  • Compact Salon Turbo Ionic Ac Dryer

Why Choose Hot Tools

Supporting Stylists. It has a professional community that supports stylists. It is one of the brands recommended and trusted by hair stylists and professionals. With its products, hair professionals will gain the trust of their customers.

Innovation. They continuously innovate their products to support their clients and customers and to address the changing needs in styling hair. It uses technology to ensure that its products will give high-quality results.

Inspiration. Hot Tools’ products are designed to inspire a style that reflects a unique personality. They empower artists, enthusiasts, and others to create stunning, extraordinary, and authentic styles that make them feel beautiful.

  1. T3 Micro

T3 designs hair tools for women who want to create beautiful hairstyles that will make them look great. With its products, women can make a hair statement that reflects health and beauty. T3 continuously develops products that meet the various hair needs of every woman. Its team’s dedication, excellence, and obsession with hair have transformed millions of hair styling routines.

Key Hair Dryer Products and Innovations

  • Airebrush – A one-step smoothing and volumizing hair dryer brush.
  • AFAR – Travel-size hair dryer.

Why Choose T3

Transformative Technology. T3 uses technologies that make hair styling more enjoyable. Its self-monitoring and smart heat ensure that the heat applied suits your hair.

Functionality and Aesthetics. Its products provide a high-performance hair styling experience that is more convenient, simpler, faster, more enjoyable, and more effective. The function of its hair dryers and other products inspires the styling process.

Personalized Experience. The heat technology used in its products is designed for a customized styling experience that works best for you. It adapts to the personal hair styling routine that suits your hair, style, personality, and lifestyle.

  1. Shark

Shark is renowned for its high-quality and innovative hair care products, such as hair dryers. It uses technology to create products that provide a fast and convenient process. Its products also have excellent features, attachments, and designs, making them one of the preferred products by individuals and professionals. The versatility and customization of its products make hair styling easier and more fun.

Key Hair Dryer Products and Innovations

  • Shark® Speedstyle™ RapidGloss™ Finisher & High-Velocity Hair Dryer
  • Shark® Speedstyle™ For Straight & Wavy Hair

Why Choose Shark

Ultra-fast Drying. It has an ultra-fast drying feature, making wet hair dry faster, thus saving time and effort. It results in a beautiful finish that makes hair look gorgeous and stunning.

Personalization. Avoid heat damage by applying the heat that works best for your hair. With its hair dryer, you can achieve the desired hairstyle and look without damaging it with heat.

Products for All Kinds of Hair. It has products for various hair types, such as straight, wavy, and curly. When you have the right product for your hair, you will prevent any damage that can destroy its beauty.

  1. Conair

Conair is notable for creating world-class products with fair prices and high quality. This hair dryer manufacturer offers a wide range of products for hair care, beauty + skincare, men’s grooming, personal health, home solutions, and travel. Since its establishment, Conair has contributed to a rewarding and better life and made life easier. Its products help build confidence by making people look their best and create their own style.

Key Hair Dryer Products and Innovations

  • DigitalAIRE Dryer
  • Ionic Ceramic Dryer, Performa Series

Why Choose Conair

Premium Quality. Conair’s hair dryers are made with high-quality materials and are said to last for years. Aside from quality, Conair’s products are also known for their durability and reliability.

Various Types of Hair Dryers. Conair has a wide selection of hair dryers, including full-size, compact, hatchet, bonnet, and travel dryers. Whatever hair dryer you need, you will surely find the one that suits your needs.

Affordability. Individuals and hair professionals love Conair’s hair dryers because they are budget-friendly. Its products are loved for their reasonable prices and good quality. Conair makes its products accessible to more people and ensures that they are within their budget.

  1. Revlon

Since its establishment, Revlon has been committed to helping individuals create and achieve the looks they love. Revlon’s thoughtful hair tools, such as hair dryers, are designed for every individual to live their life the way they like it. Their bold innovations are game-changers that make styling easier, faster, and smarter. With Revlon, you can style your hair and live life as you want.

Key Hair Dryer Products and Innovations

  • SALON One-Step™ Hair Dryer and Styler
  • SmoothStay Coconut Oil-Infused Hair Dryer

Why Choose Revlon

Innovative Technology. Revlon’s hair tools, such as its one-step hair dryer and volumizer, use ionic technology to give hair a shinier and smoother appearance. The technology also helps hair stay healthy and reduces heat damage.

Good Performance. Its hair tools offer good performance, contributing to efficient drying and styling options for all hair types. The multiple speed and heat settings give users the professional result they are looking for.

User-friendly Design and Features. Revlon’s hair dryers are easy to use and provide convenience in styling hair, helping save time and effort. Their products also have safety features and certifications that enhance their usability and protect their users.

  1. BaByliss

BaByliss is a part of Conair Corporation. This brand is one of the world’s most well-known hair dryer manufacturers. From electric curling irons to various hair tools, such as hair dryers, curlers, straighteners, blower brushes, trimmers, and clippers, they continuously create quality products that make them known in the hair care industry.


Key Hair Dryer Products and Innovations

  • Salon Pro 2200 Hair Dryer
  • Air Wand Diffuser Hair Dryer

Why Choose BaByliss

Wide Product Range. BaByliss has a wide product range, which gives its clients and customers multiple options. They can choose the best one that suits their hair type, personal style, and needs. It has hair tools for various purposes, and they are suitable for both personal and professional use.

Global Presence and Recognition. It has a presence in more than 60 countries and has a good reputation, making it one of the trusted brands by individuals and hair care experts.

Quality and Innovation. BaByliss creates hair-drying tools using new technologies. Its innovation results in professional quality at home and prevents hair damage, keeping hair stunning.

  1. Laifen

Laifen was established by Hongxin Ye to create special things that contribute to a better world through technological advancement. The Laifen LF01 is the pioneer fast hair drying tool launched in 2020 as a breakthrough of its innovation. Laifen aims to make the world better by creating life-changing products. It offers various hair dryers, such as Swift, Swift Special, SE, and Swift Premium.

Key Hair Dryer Products and Innovations

  • Laifen Swift High-Speed Hair Dryer
  • Laifen Swift Special High-Speed Hair Dryer with 3 Nozzles


Why Choose Laifen

No harmful heat. Laifen hair dryers do not have harmful heat. There is a button that activates the temperature cycling mode. Users can also see the heat based on the color, such as blue for cool, yellow for warm, and red for hot.

It provides the best hair drying experience. It helps the hair dry three times faster and more efficiently than traditional hair dryers. Laifen’s hair dryer also reduces frizz and makes hair shinier. The whisper-quiet sound level makes styling more enjoyable.

Great Design. Laifen’s hair dryers have a visually appealing, luxurious, and aesthetic design and colors. Users can select styles, colors, and designs that align with their preferences and personality. They are also easy to hold and use, making them user-friendly.



The landscape of hair dryer manufacturers consists of companies and brands that value innovation, technology, and quality. These blow dryer manufacturers and hair dryer suppliers aim to deliver quality and innovative hair-drying tools that give individuals, professional hair stylists, and experts extraordinary results that resonate with their style.

In addition, these hair dryer manufacturers always ensure that their products are safe, powerful, and efficient to meet their customers’ various needs. They continuously innovate their products to give personalized experiences and make every styling session enjoyable, making them the world’s leaders in hair drying tools.

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