What is MCH heater

MCH (Metal Ceramics Heater), it is popular applied in the MCH hair straightener flat iron products, the advantages heating up fast than 20s, and the temperature is table long lasting. It uses high temperature co-fired multilayer ceramic technology to print the heating resistance paste (tungsten, molybdenum, manganese, silver, palladium and other high melting point metals) according to the design requirements of the heating circuit. On the tape-casting green body (zirconia, alumina ceramics or zirconia toughened alumina ceramics, etc.), and then multi-layer lamination, the heating circuit is built into the ceramic material, and sintered at about 1650 ° C to integrate the ceramic solid. It plays the role of protection and insulation. The heating body has no open flame, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, long life time, high efficiency and energy saving, stable and uniform, and fast thermal compensation. The product does not contain harmful substances such as lead, mercury and hexavalent chromium, and can fully comply with the European Union. Environmental requirements.MCH heater

MCH ceramic heating element and PTC heater are common ceramic heating element materials applied in the hair straightener and curling irons. Compared with PTC heat hair straightener flat iron, they MCH heater flat iron can save 20-30% of electric energy with the same heating effect, and have high heating efficiency (up to 98.6%) and save energy. And long-term use without power attenuation. The MCH ceramic heater heats up rapidly. When it is powered on, the heating element can reach 200 °C within 10 seconds, and it can rise to 800 °C within 30 seconds. The long-term use temperature can reach 500-700 °C (the PTC heater has The maximum temperature is 300℃).

Main raw materials of MCH heater

  • Substrate: white multi-layer alumina ceramics, а-Al2O3 content not less than 95%
  • Lead wire: nickel wire with Ф0.25mm, Ф0.3mm or Ф0.5mm
  • Sleeve, tape: Teflon, high temperature resistant tape
  • Resistance: high temperature materials such as tungsten
  • Product thickness: 0.7~2.0mm can be customized
  • Use voltage: 3.7V-4.2V can be customized
  • Resistance value selection: between 0.3 and 100 ohms, selected according to voltage, chip size and power and customer needs.

MCH heater Performance and Features

  1. simple structure, the shape, size and resistance power can be produced according to customer needs;
  2. Good thermal uniformity and high-power density: ≥45 W/cm2;
  3. linear resistance-temperature, and the temperature can be easily controlled by controlling the resistance or voltage;
  4. Rapid temperature rise and rapid temperature compensation.
    500 watt power starts 20S and the temperature reaches 600℃ or more; the rated power of its components starts 10S and reaches 200℃ or more;
  1. High heating temperature, up to 700℃;
  2. High thermal efficiency, uniform heating and energy saving (unit heat consumption is 20-30% less than PTC heater);
  3. Nameless fire, the surface is safe and uncharged;
    Good insulation performance: the surface is safe and not charged: it can withstand the withstand voltage test of 3700V/1S, and the leakage current is 0.5mA;
  1. Long life time, no power attenuation after long time use;
  2. The heating sheet is resistant to acid, alkali and other corrosive substances;
  3. Environmental protection: does not contain harmful substances such as lead, cadmium, mercury, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls, polybrominated diphenyl ethers, etc.

Fully compliant with EU environmental protection requirements.

What is PTC heater

PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient), which translates to positive temperature coefficient, referred to as PTC thermistor, some of information come from Wikipedia, if you want to know more about this PTC heater, please go to PTC heater page. PTC plate is also sintered at high temperature, but the maximum temperature of its surface can be controlled during sintering. According to the hair straightener or curling iron manufacturer requirements, the PTC plate can be sintered to below 280, or any temperature the flat irons manufacturer wants, generally sintered to 230 to 230 degrees. 280 degrees. But its disadvantage is that the speed of heating up to 200 degrees is slow, generally about one and a half minutes or 2 minutes. In addition, in use, it cannot continue to maintain a relatively high temperature like a MCH heating elements that can keep stable high temperature during hair curling or hair straightening. So the Straightening hair from PTC elements will be slightly less effective than the MCH heating plate. PTC heater

Advantages of PTC heater

Healthy and environmentally friendly glue-free bonding is healthier.

Super long durability without oxidation, service life time up to 6000 hours. this is mean reason that most of hair irons like  PTC heater hair straightener & PTC hair curler are use PTC heater.

Fast heating temperature, automatic temperature control in case of fan failure, long last life time.

Wide range of voltage, can design the voltage base on the customer need between 12V-380V.

Non-flammable, safe and reliable, this is key feature that most field use PTC heater since the safety factor.

Different between PTC hair straighter flat iron and MCH flat iron.

Hair straighteners can be divided into PTC heating elements and MCH heating elements according to different heating elements.

The advantage of the MCH heating element is that it is environmentally friendly and has a fast heating rate. Generally, 30 seconds to 45 seconds can make the flat iron temperature reach 200 degrees. and long last high temperature.

The disadvantage of MCH heater is since the MCH heating element is sintered at a high temperature of more than 1000 degrees, its temperature will quickly exceed 300 degrees after the circuit is out of control, which will burn out the plastic material of hair straightener flat iron or hair curling iron, causing the heating plate to fall off, and it may burns the skin of user.

Finally, on the market there are PTC flat irons and MCH flat irons, but mostly the curling iron will made by PTC heater, Olayer hair straightener flat iron manufacturer offer both PTC heater hair straightener and MCH hair straighter, if you are looking for custom hair straightener flat iron, you are welcome to contact olayer.com