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December 1, 2021
Cold air flat iron

Deciding on the best hair straightener company for you can be intimidating as there are dozens of brands and hundreds of flat irons on the market.  If you read this page, you are most likely considering making an investment in a professional cold wind hair straightener from Olayer China hair straightener company . You want to know which one is the best value, and the best investment. This chapter is to help you to find what is the best hair straightener on the market, based on actual consumer feedbacks. This page is also here as a resource on the many different terms and technologies you’ll see what is the best hair straightener in 2021.

What to Look for the best Hair Straightener:

  1. Good Real Consumer Reviews
  2. Good Combination of Materials and Technology
  3. Good Range of Features
  4. Compatibility With Your Hair Type
  5. Good Value for the Money
  6. Good Manufacturer Warranty

1. Real Hair Straightener Reviews

It is important to see what other people who have purchased the hair straightener you are considering think about them. That is one of the primary purposes of this page. this page from Olayer hair straightener company will give you resources and consumer reviews on all hair straighteners on the market so you can decide which one is the best hair straightener for your needs and budget. Many other sites that have hair straightener reviews are retail sites that push those products. Our goal is to have every hair straightener available on the market available for customers. We encourage honest reviews to be left for hair straighteners that people have actually used and have words of advice for those who are searching for a new iron, our purpose is helping people to find what is the best flat iron not promote the hair products.

Some major retailers have hair straightener reviews on their sites, and may inflate the reviews on the brands that they own, which could give you an unbalanced view of true overall consumer satisfaction. Also be weary of affiliate sites that give an “editor’s opinion”. These reviews are meaningless as the sole purpose is to sell that product, and the person writing it almost never owns it. The only reviews that should have any legitimacy are reviews left by consumers who own the hair straightener being reviewed.

2. Hair Straightener Materials and Technology

Hair Straighteners come in many different shapes and sizes and with many different materials and technologies. The primary technologies that make straighteners unique from each other are the heaters and the plates, and if have any negative ions or any cold wind. When deciding which hair straightener is best for you, take into consideration the following components:

Hair Straightener Heaters

Coil Metal Heaters

Many lower end hair straighteners use a coil metal, usually copper, heating element that works the same way as the heating elements in a toaster.  An electrical charge is simply put through the coils and heat is transferred from the coil to the plates. While usually faster in reaching its temperature, it also is known for creating hot spots.

Tourmaline Ceramic Heaters

There are various types of TC (Tourmaline Ceramic) heaters, some of which are referred to as PTFC (positive temperature frequency control) heaters. The difference between these and coil metal heaters are the way it heats, the negative ion transmission, and the use of Far Infrared technology which work on multiple fronts. First, they heat evenly and fast, and secondly, the negative ions generated from the tourmaline in the element work to cancel out the frizz and neutralize the static, leaving a more polished look than what can be achieved from heat alone.

Hair Straightener Plates

The chart below is a generalized comparison of features of the plate and heater material combinations available in most flat irons on the market.  There are other plates and a few other heater types but these are by far the most common and most popular.

3. Hair Straightener Features

There are many features available on hair straighteners, and no one iron has all of them, so you’ll want to make sure the iron you choose has a good variety of the features that meet your needs.

Hair Straightener Variable Heat Settings

Having a variable heat setting allows you to control the temperature to meet your needs.  Sometimes it is controlled with a dial, sometimes with a digital readout and buttons.

Hair Straightener Floating Plates

When a flat iron has floating plates, the plates rock back and forth on shock absorbers, usually made of either springs or rubber.  This helps ensure the plates meet together more consistently when in use.

Long Swivel Cord

Having at least a 6 to 8 foot swivel cord on your iron ensures less tangles, and ease of use.

Fast Recovery Time

Try to check with the manufacturer to see how long their plates take to heat up. Anything more than 60 seconds will work, but the time needed will be much greater. If you have thick, course hair, you will not want to waste your time with a slow recovery time flat iron. Your hair will absorb much more heat from the plates and take more energy to stay hot. The best hair straighteners on the market will generally heat up in less than a minute.

Cold Air Hair Straightener (cold wind flat iron)

Cold air hair straightener, sometimes known as cold wind flat irons, this is new technology which is made by Olayer China hair straightener company, are designed to blow cold air once the flat iron slider through your hair. It is said by the proponents that it cuts down on overall hairstyling time because when the cold air blowing to your heated air that could cool your hair immediately and make your hair styling stable straighten fast, plus the 20,000 thousand negative ions from the cold air, will make your hair sleek, shiny and lock the moisture into your hair. Be sure to try olayer’s cold air flat iron, you will be happy on that.

Dual Voltage

If you travel internationally, having a dual voltage flat iron is the way to go. As most hair straighteners cannot be plugged into a transformer without being damaged, thereby voiding the warranty, if you plan to travel to a country with a different voltage than yours, look for the dual voltage or “universal voltage” option. This option allows the hair straightener to be plugged into any outlet in the world, with just the use of a plug adapter. Be sure to only use a plug adapter not a voltage transformer when using a dual voltage flat iron.

Different hair types call for different heat requirements.  Whether your hair is fragile, average, or super coarse, you should be able to find the best hair straightener for your needs.  If your hair is on the thinner side, you will want to make sure your straightener has the ability to reach a low setting.  You may want to stay away from Teflon or aluminum plates because they are generally unevenly heated and can cause damage to your hair. The best hair straighteners on the market have adjustable heat, and can work on all hair textures.

If your hair is on the coarser, thicker, curlier end of the spectrum, you’ll want to be sure the heat is enough to get the job done.  See the figure for temperature requirements for various hair types.

5. Best Hair Straightener for the Money

Many flat irons are way overpriced for the number of features they have. This is primarily because the industry is very ego driven and brands are more valued than the actual product. Don’t be fooled into spending a huge amount of money for something that does not work as well as something that has a more reasonable price.

Don’t expect professional results from a low cost discount iron found in a drug store, unless it has excellent customer reviews and meets all the standards. Sometimes it’s worth the investment to get a good product if it will last you a few years, and keep your hair healthier.

6. Hair Straightener Warranties

Most hair straighteners come with a one year warranty from hair straightener company.  Many brands invalidate the warranty if the product is purchased online or from an unauthorized dealer. Keep this in mind if you are shopping around online.  Make sure if you buy your flat iron online, its warranty is still valid. You may have to buy directly from the hair straightener manufacturer, because some of hair straightener company sell single unit as well, you could get cold wind hair straightener from Olayer hair straighter company, if you want to buy one unit or want to buy wholesale price in bulk order, contact us, we offer retail and wholesale price for all of our hair styling tools.

When you buy a hair straightener, make sure if you need to register it for warranty validation, to do so within the time stipulated.

Most hair straightener manufacturers’ warranties stipulate that you must pay fees in order to fulfill the hair straightener warranty. For example, a hair straightener may still be covered by warranty, but in order to get it repaired or replaced, you need to front the shipping fees both ways, and pay an up to $60 fulfillment fee. Be sure to check these policies before deciding on the best hair straightener for your budget and needs.

Olayer is one of the best private label flat irons manufacturers in China, our Ceramic Ion cold wind hair straightener is one of the best hair straighteners on the market today. contact us to know more detail.

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