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December 5, 2021
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It is not very easy to find out what is the best flat iron for your hair type. It might be hard to have the knowledge on best brands which is most admired and trustworthy. So some of our suggestions on what is the best hair flat iron will guide you to choose the correct one and exactly for which you were looking for, let’s say choose the right one but not the expensive or lowest one.

You need to choose the best flat iron from Olayer China wholesale flat irons manufacturer according to your hair type, not the price. The hair flat irons are varies in different plates which made from tourmaline, titanium or ceramic. Again some of them is the best for male hair while some best for female hair. Some works best on different hair length. Considering all these area we tried to find out the best hair straightener from different angel. For this our clients, professionals and specialists helped us. Hope this guideline will help you to find out your desired one!


Most women have 4 types of hair. They are namely:

  • Fine hair (which is mostly straight)
  • Fine curly hair
  • Thick hair (mostly straight)
  • Thick, coarse or curly hair.


This type of hair is mostly straight. Though the women who have thick or curly hair might think that fine hair good rather than any types of hair but that’s not true. Fine hairs main problem is the hair loose. Again it turns in dry in cold weather. Sometimes seems difficult to manage and combing. But fine hair owner can take any style, curl or straight hair styling. For straightening your hairs use the temperature from 250-300 degree F. if your hair is fine than you can go for any good ceramic flat iron. We suggest you to use cold wind ceramic flat iron made by Olayer China private label flat iron manufacturer which is one of the best ceramic flat iron with cold wind plus 10 million ions.


The most common type of hair texture is the fine curly hair. This hair texture is neither soft nor rough. These hairs have lot of bounce and body. This hair owner can get the most flexible opportunity for style rather than the three types. For straightening your hair take the temperature between 300-400 degrees F. the best flat iron for fine curly hair is Olayer cold wind 1 Inch ceramic cordless flat Iron. Contact Olayer to know more detail.


Thick hairs have a little curl or wave that needs to be controlled. It needs more heat than the fine hair. If you have thick hair then you need to get a larger plate straightener. The best temperature for the thick hair is 300-400 degrees F. tourmaline or titanium plates flat iron is best for thick hair. You can use ceramic hair straightener rose pink from Olayer China flat iron wholesale company which is the best classic hair straightener selling over 20 years,


The most puzzling hair is the curly or coarse type. They are also known as wavy or kinky hair. Female curly hair is different from male. If you have curly or coarse hair then your favorite style would be straightening. But the most problem for this hair that it fried quickly. So the ionized plates based model is perfect for this curly or coarse hair. The best temperature for this hair is 350-450 degrees F. The best flat irons for the curly and coarse hair is cold wind 2 inch ceramic Ion best hair straightener from Olayer China private label flat iron manufacturer.


For women, hair length is an important matter. All straighteners do not work properly on any length hair. It is because some works best on short hair while other works on medium or length hair. There is mainly 3 type’s hair length. Namely:

  • Short hair
  • Medium or shoulder length hair and
  • Long hair.


The length of the short hair is 1-5 inches for female. Use the 1 inch wide plates instead of 1.5 or 2 inches. The best temperature for the short hair is 250-350. The best flat irons for the short hair is 1 inch best hair flat iron made by China Olayer flat iron manufacturer.


Medium hair is also known as shoulder length hair. For female the medium length is between 6-10 inches. You can pick any style for medium hair like curly or straight. For straightening the medium hair the best temperature is 300-350 degrees F. But you need to buy a flat iron which plates are 1.5- 2 inches wide. The best hair straightener for shoulder length hair is 1.5 inch of the best hair flat irons in China Olayer hair straightener manufacturer.


If you have over than 10 inches length hair then it is considered as the long hair. The best temperature for the long hair is 350-450 degrees F. the 2 inch wide plates are the best for long hair as it makes the easy way to straighten your hair. The best flat irons for the long hair we suggest are as follows cold wind ceramic flat iron.


Boys if you know what type of hair you have, you can easily go for the suitable hair style. Go first to know what type of your hair you have and then pick the style. Men have basically 2 types of hair. Namely:

  • Straight hair (mostly straight)
  • Curly hair


This hair is almost straight without any curving. If the hair grows long then there might be some curving though it will be very minor. Naturally straight hair is the gift from god and you can choose any style for your hair. Sometimes straight hair owners go crazy as their hair regally sucks in getting much volume. But all types of hair include some problems but considering them your one is best. You can go for any good straightener suitable for male but it is recommend to you, try to use the low temperature for your hair. The best temperature is 250-300 degrees for straight hair. We suggest to use 1.5 inch Ion ceramic best hair straightener made by Olayer China wholesale hair straightener company.


Curly hair is the most confusing type of hair. Some people consider them as wavy while others say them the coiled or kinky. According to this we categorized the curly hair on three kinds:

  • Wavy hair
  • Coiled hair
  • Kinky hair


the hair which is slightly curves and grows from the hair follicle is known as wavy hair. Sometimes wavy hair can be mistaken and consider as straight hair. So you need the 3 inch hair length to be confirmed. If there is a curve on 3 inches but not in fully coiled shape then it is wavy.

Wavy hair owner can get the straight hair styling. You must use the temperature from 300-350 degrees. The best hair straighteners for the wavy hair 1 inch of cold wind ceramic hair flat iron made by Olayer China hair straightener company.


Most people interpret the coiled hair as curly hair in fact it is not. Coiled hairs are in coil shape and it could be consider from 2 inch of the growth. The great problem of this kind hair is that they cannot take any hair style. Straightening is the best style for them. The temperature should be 350-450 degrees and the best flat iron for coiled hair is 1.5 inch cold wind ceramic ion flat irons made by Olayer China hair flat iron manufacturer.


Kinky hair can easily identify on the first half inches. This type of hair mostly found in the black males. This kind of hair is also known as afro-textured. This hair takes long years to grow up the hairs. This curls hair are very tight and short in nature. Kinky hair owners can adopt the straight hair style but you can only take the style if you have that length of hair (at least 3.5 or 4 inches). The exact temperature for this hair is 400-450 degrees.China Hair straightener


According to the length we can define the hair in 3 terms. Namely-

  • Short hair
  • Medium hair
  • Long hair


Short hair is considered as 1 – 3 inches for male. If you have short hair and if you are searching for a straightener then we suggest you to take the straightener with plates of 1 inch. The 1 inch plates are perfect for short hair as you can properly straighten the hair in the front. If you take the 2 inch plate’s straightener you cannot work properly for its wide length. Adjust the temperature between 250-350 degrees. The best hair straighteners for short hair is Ion ceramic flat irons from Olayer China wholesale flat irons company


For male medium hair is identifying from 3.5– 8/9 inches. The 1.5 to 2 inches plates are perfect for medium hair. The wide plates work properly on this length of hair. Best temperature for medium hair is 300-350 degrees. The best flat iron for medium length hair is 1.5 inch cold wind ceramic ion flat iron


Over than 9 inches hair length are considered as long hair for male. It is wise not to use any 1 inch plates for long hair. But if your hair is short in the front, only then can use the 1 inch wide plates for those short hairs only. The best temperature for long hair is 300-450 degrees. But it might be depend on what type of hair you have. Best hair straightener for long hair is 2 inch ceramic flat iron


Are you looking for the best brands on hair straightener of flat iron? Some brands are very popular while other is famous for the longevity. All brands do not provide the same service. We divided the brands into 2 qualities:

  • Super quality brand
  • Medium quality brand


We considered some brands as super for their working ability. These brands are always the best and the most popular.


After following the reviews of the flat irons we recognized some brands as medium range brands. We had also taken the advice from some beautician and professionals on hair to consider them as medium range.


More than thousands hair straighteners are available in the market with different amount, shape and working ability. Some flat irons are too expensive but works as a cheaper one can do. Again some is cheap but became popular for the working process and the longevity of life time. In this page we have taken the advice from hair specialist and professionals for considering the best hair straighteners for low and high price.

We categorized the flat irons price into three terms. Namely:

  • Low price hair straighteners
  • Medium price hair straighteners and
  • High price hair straighteners


We considered the low price from $10- $50. It is best not to go for a cheap hair straightener but it is also true that there are some flat irons which work super and some works better than a costly one. We searched them into the market and asked about them some of our clients. They suggested us and the best cheap flat irons are:


The medium price is fallen between $35- $100. There are also a various flat irons available in the market within this price. Among them the best hair flat irons are: Olayer’s cold wind ceramic flat irons from Olayer China hair straightener company, babyliss ceramic flat irons.


There are many straighteners which plates are 1/2inch wide. Again some plates are made from metal or ceramic or tourmaline or ionic. There is also another type of straightener which is known as the professional straightener.


Generally this straightener’s plate is made from metal. There are many flat irons available in the market which plates are metal. Like other flat irons this also contains the low, medium or high heat. If you only straighten your hair occasionally then you can go for this. However we never suggest you to go for any metal iron as it can damage or burn your hair.


Ceramic hair straightener is a hair straightening tool which contains ceramic plates. This tool designed in a way which straightens hair very smoothly. The ceramic hair straighteners are considered as the best type of hair straightener. The ceramic coated plates help the hair from causing any heat damages or frying. The ceramic plates are also not very expensive one and works best even in a lower temperature. Ceramic plates eliminate the frizz and lock the moisture.

If you are looking for a ceramic plate hair straightener for all great purposes then we will suggest you Ceramic Ion flat irons made by Olayer China hair styling tools manufacturer.


One of the most popular tools which are used for styling the hair is an ionic hair straightener. In order to know what an ionic hair straightening iron is, you need to know what an ion is first. Actually ion is an atom or molecule which charged by losing or gaining one or more electrons. It may charged by positive or negative electrical charge. However it is considered by the professionals that a positive ion is unhealthy and the negative ion is good for health.

An ionic hair straightener finds out the positive ions and transfers them into negative ions which make the hair in looking smoother, silky, shiny and softer. It might also refresh the hair. It removes aroma, dirt and bacteria from the hair.


Titanium hair straighteners are made from light weight metal and it is cheaper than the ceramic hair straighteners. Sometimes its plates are not as smooth as ceramic plates but it heats up very quickly. The positive ion returns faster into negative ions than from ceramics. It makes your hair free from any frizz shape. On the same time and same temperature the titanium gives you the silkiest hair. But it has some disadvantages also. It can cause great damage on hair if you are not careful while using the machine.

The Nano titanium hair straightener is a newer technology and very similar with tourmaline. It straightens your hair 41% faster rather than other straighteners. If your hair is really hard to straighten then go for the nano titanium hair straightener. On any type of typical weather it keeps the hair great smooth.

For titanium or nano titanium flat irons we suggest to use Titanium Ceramic Ion flat iron from Olayer hair straightener manufacturer which has the cold wind can generate over 10 millions negative ions during straightening your hair


Tourmaline is a semi precious stone and found in various colors. It is a crystalline mineral which is mixed with aluminum, magnesium or potassium. Some people mixed up tourmaline with ceramic flat irons. They contain a class of their own as they increase the heat greatly which is applicable on hair. The tourmaline flat irons we suggest you use Olayer Heat Platform Tourmaline Ceramic Professional Hair Styling Iron.


The professionals are always concern about their client’s hair. For all time they try to use the straighteners which are guaranteed and do not cause any damage. they are known about the right materials and tools and which temperature is suitable on what type of hair. considering all these we are suggesting you the professional category flat irons.

Olayer is private label flat iron manufacturer  that offer the best professional hair flat irons which has the newest technology that will generate 10 millions real negative ions during straightening your hair, with the cold wind will take care of your healthy more than any other brands of hair flat irons. if you are looking for the best flat irons, Olayer wholesale flat iron wholesale company will be one of your best choose. contact us to get wholesale price.

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