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Wall mounted hair dryer

January 15, 2022
wall hair dryer

There are many kinds of wall mounted hair dryers that one can have to ensure that your hair always looks shiny, soft and well styled.  One of the hair dryers can you can buy for yourself is the wall mounted hair dryer.  This means that it is mounted on the wall in contrast to the ones you can put in a shelf or store in a drawer.  Contrary to popular belief, a wall mounted hair dryer can be a small device and it gives many benefits to the users as well.

A wall mounted hair dryer made by Olayer Chinese hair dryer company takes up less space than that of a handheld hair dryer.  You don’t have to worry about the cord where it has to be wrapped on the base of the device.  You don’t have to think about space to store the hair dryer in or that it’s taking up space on the bathroom counter.  Accidents of breaking the hair dryer are avoided when you get a wall mounted hair dryer.  They’re less likely to be knocked off the counter or fall into the sink or on the floor.wall hair dryer holder

The Features of a Wall mounted hair dryer

  • Just like the handheld siblings of the wall mounted hair dryer, good models of this product come with many options for heat setting.
  • The speed at which the hair dryer works can also be set to high, medium or low.
  • If you like to lock the curls that you have styled your hair to, some models have a button that releases a blast of cold air.

The Pros and Cons

The benefits and pros are already laid out above.  You have more space and don’t have to worry about accidents where you can break the hair dryer.  The only con to having a wall mounted hair dryer is that, it’s not a portable device.  The cord might even be too short for you to bring it to another area.

Wall mounted hair dryer

If you’re just starting out looking for wall mounted hair dryer for your home, we suggest you use this one of the best wall mounted hair dryers, contact us to know the most important features and specifications as well as the common pitfalls. If you are looking for lightweight powerful hair dryer, you are welcome to our lightweight powerful hair dryer products page.

Olayer is A Chinese hair dryer manufacturer in China, in the beginning Olayer manufacture electric components, export plastic mold, at middle of 2020, Olayer bought a wholesale flat irons manufacturer, who has been manufacturer hair dryer and other hair styling tools over 15 year,

Nowadays, Olayer Chinese wholesale hair dryer company focuses on establishing and making various of hair iron tools goods, generally in negative ion lightweight high speed hair dryer, wall hair dryer, infrared strong power small size of travel hair dryer, 6 in 1 hair curler, Ceramic ion hair flat iron, wet to dry brush straightener, professional & automatic cold air hair curling irons, cold air flat iron tools. etc.

Olayer China wall hair dryer company has their own mold and molding producer to produce offer the new goods development as quickly as 2 weeks. Olayer hair dryer wholesale provider offer OEM/ODM contract manufacture services for all of electrical applications,

Olayer agrees to signature and NDA document to prevent your project, Customized LOGO is provided, Olayer is a private label flat iron manufacturer in China that will offer you all in one stop service from development, prototyping, examining, re-prototyping, mould building, moulding production, qualification, assembly, inspection, packing and delivery, if you are looking for a Chinese wall hair dryer company and electric application contract maker in China, contact Olayer

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