Triple Barrel Hair Curling Irons

December 20, 2021
Triple Barrel Curling Irons

The triple barrel hair curling irons (3 barrel hair curling irons) made by Olayer China hair curler manufacturer are really hot these days as we witness the emerging popularity of the S waves back to dominate the fashion trend this season. It does not matter if you want big S curls like those you see on the classic movie stars or the tight flirty curls adorning the head of runway models, the iron is the tool to get to achieve that look.

Basically it has three barrels of similar size that is used to create that effect. These barrels are places in a position that would allow the hair to form a temporary S wave shape when the hair is wrapped around it. The different types of metals used to make these barrels affect the quality of the curls you get. Different barrels produce different quality curls and affects how the hair would turnout in the end. Metal based barrels are associated with more heat used to curl the hair and cause more damage. Ceramic three barrels are more expensive but they deliver the exact kind of nurturing heat you want-the far infra red rays that help to promote good circulation while giving the heat you need to get the curls done in no time. It produces negative ions which does not damage hair in the curling process.

How to Use this Triple Barrel Hair Curling Irons to Style hair

Start by separating your hair into three parts. One large chunk at the bottom, then separate the top part of your hair into two parts, the left and the right. Clip them all with separate claw clips to hold them in place. Now begin with the top part, the left part of your hair, and begin to wrap a small section of the hair on the triple barrel hair curling iron which made by Olayer hair curler company or other good brands. Place the hair on the barrel without letting the iron touch the scalp as this can severely damage the hair roots. Now compress the iron shut and hold it for 6-8 seconds. Let it loose. Voila, you would have your wavy hair falling gracefully to your face after this step. Once you are satisfied, continue with another strip of hair and repeat the same process. Do this on all of you hair until you end up with beautiful cascading hair falling in an S wave shape. Now shape it into the desired shape you want. Spray with a hair spray and you are ready.

You can use the 3 barrel hair curling iron to create new and exciting hairstyles that are not possible with other curling irons out there. Therefore this three barrel hair curler is a must have n every woman’s grooming kit.

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