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December 26, 2021
quiet hair dryer

Professional stylists and home users alike appreciate superior quality and performance in a quiet hair dryer. While there are a variety of features and settings that various brands provide, not many can boast being the quietest hair dryer on the market. The quiet high speed hair dryer  from Olayer hair dryer wholesale company offers the very latest in technology, performance and innovation. It is the first dryer to incorporate a touch screen allowing users to select the desired ion, heat and speed settings. It’s also the quietest hair dryer available on the market with small size of folding design, lightweight, noise is as low as 70db with the high power of 1300 watts.

Perfect Design

The Quiet high speed hair dryer made by Olayer hair dryer company was designed by our profession expert, it is folding design and small size, the folding technology is not as same as others but good looking, there are 3 standard color which is designed for the production, custom color or private label is available.


This quiet hair dryer made by Olayer hair dryer company has three speed and three heat settings ensure that you get the perfect look every time. You’ll look like you’ve just come from the salon even though you’ve used it at home. The total of six settings give you various combinations so that no matter what your hair type is, you can get the look you want.


The lightweight and ergonomic design offers a hair dryer that weighs up to 40% less than the original old model, at only 350g. The handle is designed of diamond shape and soft-grip rubber making it easy to style in comfort. The Ionic Technology and Ceramic Heater eliminates frizz, reduces static and rehydrates damaged, dry hair. Ionic technology locks in moisture, leaving hair silky, shiny and healthy looking.

Touch Screen

A three-inch touch screen allows you to select the heat, speed and ion setting with just a single touch. The home screen is easy to navigate back and forth; there is also a unique memory setting that remembers the last setting you used.


The superior-made DC motor gives 1300 watts of power on this quiet hair dryer, resulting in drying time that is 50% less than other conventional dryers. As a general rule, DC motors are better suited for appliances that have varying speeds, and provide a more precise speed-control application.


The Quiet high speed hair dryer made from Olayer China quiet hair dryer wholesale company comes with a limited 2-years warranty, as all Farouk models do. The warranty covers defective parts and workmanship. They will replace this quiet high speed hair dryer at no charge.The warranty does not cover misuse or mishandling.

Even with all of these exceptional features, the fact that this quiet hair dryer model is the quietest on the market means your ears won’t be ringing at the end of a long day. Even with occasional use, the high-pitched sound can cause hearing damage over the long term. The Quiet high speed hair dryer retails for approximately $200.00. It is available online, and at professional salons. Prices will vary depending on the salon and location.

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