ptc flat iron vs mch flat iron

April 21, 2022
PTC flat iron

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People in the hairdressing tool industry are no stranger to PTC and MCH heaters. These two heaters determine the source of heat for hairdressing appliances and decide the heat your machine can get. As heat generators, they have their own advantages and disadvantages. First of all, I think we would better to know the difference between PTC flat iron and MCH flat iron.

PTC heater adopts PTCR thermal ceramic element, which is composed of a combination of several single pieces and corrugated heat dissipation aluminum strip bonded by high temperature adhesive, with the remarkable advantages of small thermal resistance and high heat exchange efficiency. Its biggest feature is its safety, that is, in case of fan failure blocking, PTC heater due to insufficient heat dissipation, power will automatically drop sharply, at this time the heater surface temperature to maintain the limit in the Curie temperature or so (generally 220 ℃), so as not to produce electric heaters such as the surface of the “red” phenomenon, eliminating the The potential for accidents.

MCH is Metal Ceramic Heater “Metal Ceramic Heater” abbreviation, MCH ceramic heater is a new type of high efficiency and energy saving ceramic heating element, compared to PTC ceramic heating body, with the same heating effect in the case of saving 20 ~ 30% of electricity. The ceramic heater made of alumina ceramic and metal sintered together has the advantages of corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, long life, high efficiency and energy saving, uniform temperature, good thermal conductivity, fast thermal compensation, and does not contain lead, cadmium, mercury, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls, polybrominated diphenyl ethers and other harmful substances, in line with the EU RoHS and other environmental requirements.

From the above brief introduction, it is not difficult for us to summarize their respective advantages.

MCH heater flat iron

  1. Fast heating, fast recovery

Due to the internals, the MCH heater flat iron is a traditional resistive wire, unlike a PTC hair straightener, which can generate as much temperature as possible when energized. Therefore, the temperature rises quickly and thermal compensation is satisfied. Usually under PCB control, the heating rate is 45S to 200C, but we still do not recommend focusing only on the heating rate, we need to consider the life of this device from a considerable perspective. We should strike a balance between heat and longevity.

  1. Save labor cost in salon

Thanks to the quick temperature recovery of the MCH system, it can save people time when doing things like keratin treatment. You don’t have to wait until the temperature returns to 230 degrees Celsius, saving time for other chores.

  1. Best choice for professional salon hair irons

Because it can reach very high temperatures and recover faster, it is the best choice for professional stylists, especially keratin treatments. In theory, if the enclosure and other components can withstand high temperatures of 260C or 300C or more, the MCH heating system is there for them. But in fact, so far, no other components can meet the requirements of MCH. As mentioned above, for every device, a higher internal temperature means a shorter lifespan.

PTC heater flat iron

  1. Higher level of security
  2. Various heaters including PTC heaters are controlled by program PCB, but even without PCB, the maximum temperature of PTC can only reach 270C-280C (518F-536F). And its characteristics determine that PTC does not generate heat like traditional wires, so it is easy to cool and safer. Unlike the MCH, it can easily hit 700C uncontrollably. But it also allows MCH to have a faster temperature recovery, which is popular for salon use.
  3. Long equipment life

For any piece of equipment, the longer and higher its internal working environment, the shorter its service life. As mentioned above, PTC produces only the necessary heat, which means less chance of being burned. PTC heat flat iron will Reduce business costs for you and provide more protection for your customers.

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