Professional 1 Inch Ceramic flat styling iron

March 4, 2022
ceramic cold air flat iron

Many buyers have sought to find a perfect iron which can give them professional results, and with a professional 1 inch ceramic flat styling iron made by Olayer wholesale flat irons manufacturer is one of the best flat irons for professional hair stylist and hole use,

This professional 1 inch ceramic flat styling iron is highly recommended and well known among professional hair stylists. Buying this cold air flat iron is a really big step to take because the price is more than what you would expect, but I took that step and am going to share with you what exactly sets this cold air iron apart from the others.

Beautiful design

The ceramic cold air iron came with a really nice black box that unfolds open to reveal a vertically placed hair iron. I cannot explain how fancy this entire package looks, I feel like displaying the flat iron with the box on a shelf.

After finally managing to persuade myself to remove this 1 inch hair straightener from the box I was amazed at the weight of the iron, it was surprisingly light, usually I would connect quality with weight but this is super light. The plastic body is easy to grip and not slippery, which is a good thing, and the clamping is very easy, as I barely used any force to get the plates to touch, the iron also springs up with no problem after every squeeze.

So after admiring the cosmetics on this beautiful and expensive iron, I began to put it to use. I washed my hair, dried it and applied the necessary treatment which I always use. I heated up the iron which reached the desired temperature in well under a minute, now that is what I really need in an iron, a short start up time to reduce the time I spend ironing my hair.

Easy to use

As I began ironing I felt the iron gliding through my hair so smoothly, this was enough to make me not think about the money I spent on this cold air flat iron. The ceramic plates are almost like a magical surface which instantly shines and makes hair silky smooth.

The best thing about this iron is it makes sure your hair retains the styling that you have given it. This is made possible by the magical ceramic plates mentioned earlier; they lock in the moisture and heat by completely closing your cuticles and leaving them looking healthy and gorgeous.

This professional 1 inch ceramic flat styling iron not only straightens but is also able to work your hair into twists and flips to give your hair a little more volume. Thanks to the moisture being locked in my hair I don’t have to worry about over styling my hair, as the small curls I give it remain small and do not get affected by humidity.

There is almost nothing wrong with this 1 inch ceramic cold air flat styling iron, you can definitely bet your money on this iron. It was an investment into perfectly poker straight hair and an instant anti frizz solution for you girls who live in a humid area.

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