products design

New products development

Focus on home appliance, beauty tools, health care products, electronical products, industrial & digital products design and manufacturing, contact us to talk about your project right now


Once design finished we will do prototyping, PCB board sampling, testing, re-prototyping, redesign until everything is perfect. prototyping is very important to make high quality end product.


Mold, Tooling Production, final assembly and delivery

Mold /tooling manufacturing, PCB soldering and electronic components management, production, assembly, certificate, packing and delivery, go to our mold manufacturer page to know more detail about our mold manufacturing compacity.

Let’s Make Things Happen

We are happy to work together and sign an NDA  document, we can make more than you can image, if you want to know more about our compacity, contact now to talk about your project, we will handle all of things for you, you can seat back and waiting for the result