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December 14, 2021
High speed hair dryer

The most notable tool of an hairstylist is the best Lightweight professional hair dryer and as a hair stylist you are as good as your tools. Hair stylists mainly use the best lightweight professional hair dryers or professional powerful hair dryer today. The many features of professional best high speed blow dryers today has made it a major contributor to the beauty, texture and health of the hair.

As a hairstylist choosing the professional lightweight hair dryer is as important as taking the future of your job into consideration. With that in mind going for the best lightweight professional powerful blow dryer will the most prudent decision to make. Nevertheless information is the key that unlocks every hidden knowledge.

When we talk of best lightweight professional hair dryer blower or professional powerful high speed blow dryers here, the emphasis is on the hand-held hair tool. You will be getting as much information as possible regarding best high power hair dryer. Since we have narrowed the option to the best professional high speed hair dryer, it is needful that you know what are the criteria that make a best powerful high wattage blow dryer. Below are some of the point to look out for in a best professional lightweight hair dryer & lightweight powerful hair dryer.

Lightweight professional hair dryer

Lightweight professional hair dryer

What Makes The Best lightweight Professional powerful Hair Dryer.

  • Speed – Although this feature may vary in the best professional hair blowers, but the best professional high speed hair dryers usually have multiple speed settings and powerful speed, the best lightweight powerful hair speed hair dryer from Olayer China hair dryer manufacturer has over 110,000 turns with quiet noise less than 70db, it is one of the best powerful hair dryer that could use for whole day without any tired.
  • Durability – A professional light-weight powerful hair dryer must be durable to be among the best hair dryer blowers.
  • Tourmaline/Ceramic Technology – This is a material which generates only negative ions when heated. When tourmaline is combined with ceramic, the heating becomes much gentler and evenly spaced.
  • Ionic Heating – This Negative Ion technology helps to eliminate frizz, just like the tourmaline by diffusing negative ions. Unlike the lower quality hair dryers with a metallic or plastic heating parts that diffuse positive ions which cause the cuticle of the hair to become dull and frizzy.
    On the market today most of high speed hair dryers actually does not have the real negative ions, because the negative device position is the key point to cause the negative Ions or not, this best hair dryer blower made by Olayer wholesale hair dryer company has the real 20 million negative ions which was verified by their own Laboratory.
  • High Wattage – Many of the best professional high speed hair dryers have a higher wattage than the common ones. This is for a more powerful performance and quicker hair drying, this is one of the factor but not the only factor, as the best high wattage blow dryer there motor speed is one of the key features as well, minimum 110,000 turns per minutes and quiet noise the key point to define the best powerful hair dryer or not.
  • Lightweight – Many of the best lightweight professional powerful high speed hair dryers are very light because they are designed to be used for longer hours than other types of hair dryers. this lightweight powerful hairdryer made by Olayer wholesale lightweight hair dryer company only have 350g, this best powerful hair dryer use the lightweight aerospace material.
  • Low Noise – This may not totally define a best high speed hair dryer but less noise pollution is one of the features to count on. the high speed hair blow dryer from Olayer China hair dryer manufacturer has less noise as 70db, it is quiet hair dryer with high watt and hair speed hair blower.
  • Cord Length – This is important if you wish to have a long reach to the power outlet from any corner of the room, the best lightweight professional hair dryers made by Olayer powerful hair dryer manufacturer has 3 meter cable.

With the above stated facts, it will be sufficient to list some of the best professional lightweight powerful hair dryers in the market today. Here is a list of the top six professional powerful high speed hair dryers.

Top 6 Best lightweight Professional Hair Dryers & Powerful high speed hair dryer.

1. Most Powerful high speed hair dryer 110,000 turns brushless motor Professional best blow Dryer

hair dryer diffuser

two connectors + a diffuser

A lightweight powerful hair dryer from Olayer wholesale powerful hair dryer company that weighs only 350g, with a powerful long-lasting motor of 1400 watts that placed it among the best professional lightweight hair dryers, the motor speed is over 110,000 turns brushless motor and the noise is under 70 decibel.

this best lightweight fast drying hair dryer Built with Ceramic tourmaline ionic Air technology. Ceramic emit non-damaging infrared heat that dries the hair gently and evenly. The tourmaline technology emit infrared heat and 20 million negative ions that makes heat much gentler on the hair during styling making a much shinier and less frizzy finish. The combination of these three elements provides the safest and quickest styling option.

This best lightweight professional hair dryer from Olayer China hair dryer company has three speed settings 6 models, a 3 heat settings and a cool shot button that locks your style curls quickly to prevent it falling out. It also includes two concentrators plus one diffuser which is functions for different type of hair style.

This most powerful hair dryer has a 3 meter professional cord with a hanging loop attached to it. The lengthy cord affords a longer reach allowing you to move around the room without restriction, while the hanging loop helps to easily store the high speed blow dryer on a wall.

A foldable high speed hair dryer with folding dimension of 200 x 90 x 45mm that is travel-friendly and can be carried about easily.

2.Turbo Power 1600 watt Professional super power hair Dryer 

This 1600W super power hair dryer sets itself apart as one of the best professional high speed hair dryers on the market. This hair tool will dry your hair faster than most other devices on the market, and will also help retain the health of your hair.high speed hair dryer

Its lightweight appearance makes it possible to hold the dryer in any position for a prolonged periods of time without causing an arm strain or fatigue. With the contoured handle holding it is even easier, and the switches for heat control positioned within reach.

It makes use of a ceramic ionic heating element which helps the hair in retaining natural moisture, luster and vitality, which it can still accomplish after daily use and not cause any damage to hair.

The unit also has three variable speed settings for faster airflow and drying results; four temperature settings for drying variety of circumstances and a cold shot button to set your style curls in place.

Two nozzles with one serving for perfect setting while the second is for fast drying. It also has a built in chrome heating element and a safety thermostat that reduces the risk of electric shock. An powerful high speed motor with an airflow of 79 cubic meters air per hour and the noise as under 65db. Check this high speed hair dryer more features.

3. TURBO POWER Turbo 2000 Professional Super power Hair Dryer

A quality 2000W hair dryer made by Olayer OEM hair dryer wholesale manufacturer. With a unique anti-overheating feature and motor power of 2000 Watts, this super power high speed hair dryer stands among the very best high power hair dryers today. This high performance motor ensures a hitch-free operation for as much as 2,000 hours.200W lightweight hair dryer

A 60 cubic meters air per hour air flow that allows for a fast drying. It can dry long hairs in about 5 minutes. Removable stainless-steel filter that allows easy cleaning of the device to avoid clogging caused by dust and debris.

It has a 3 speed settings of low, middle and high speeds and a 5 temperature settings that makes it fit to be used on all hair types, fine, thin, thick or coarse hair. Also you are sure to attain the right controls for a easier styling and drying. It also has a low noise built-in silencer that reduces the noise of the tool and eliminating sound pollution while in operation.

Lightweight device weighing 480g, which could be held for long hours with no arm strain or fatigue. With a 3 meter strong cable, and a voltage of 110v & 240v (custom voltage is available). There is a 2 year guaranty for customers.

This is a recommendable best hair dryer blower for professionals, hair stylists and even for home use also. Investing into it is a wise option.

4. Professional Powerful Hair Dryer 1400 with Turbo Ionic and Infrared Technology.

If you have the thought of getting a fabulous salon-type high speed blow dryer, then just let yourself be captivated by the wonder of the great hair styling tools. The Professional powerful Hair Dryer 1400W with Turbo Ionic and Infrared Technology has established its presence among the very best high speed hair dryers on the market today.foldable hair speed hair dryer

The hairstylist favorite, if used in your home will give you a glam movie star hair, without you spending your time and money in salons. With its 1400 watts power you are guaranteed of getting natural curls or a straight look. The removable air intake grille-lint filter ensures a long life to the hair dryer and protects it from over-heating.

A revolutionary turbo ionic technology, a nozzle that concentrates and directs the airflow to your desired hair area giving you the style you want. It has a 3 heat settings and 2 speed settings with a cool shot button allowing more options for your sort of hair and to keep your style in position without befalling.

It is a quiet, lightweight powerful hair dryer with fashionable folding design, that is easy to use because it is super-comfortable to hold. It also has a hanging loop for storage. Due to its ceramic technology, it dries hair 40% quicker than normal hair dryers. It comes with a 1 year guarantee.

5. Best powerful 1600 watt Professional high speed blow Dryer with mini size

If you wish to purchase the most effective professional hair dryer with wholesale price from China hair dryer companies, you should not base your buying price compare to the older hair dryer, base on durability, lightweight, small size, and performance of the hair dryer. The Professional powerful High speed Hair Dryer with foldable design and light-weight is one of your best choice in that aspect.foldable hair dryer

This lightweight hair dryer with diffuser built with a powerful 1600 watt weight-balanced AC motor that ensures optimal quality and performance. A far infrared heat from the ceramic plate that dries hair from the inside out for overall healthier hair.

A ceramic and tourmaline technology. Ceramic distributes heat more evenly while ionic create an improved moisture in the hair while minimizing static electricity. Tourmaline helps shine and smooth hair while minimizing fly away. Works with all hair types, both fine, thick and coarse hair.

It has two concentrators for narrowing and directing the airflow to where you want it. Also a low EMF to reduce the risk of health danger of radiation from electromagnetic fields, thereby improving environmental conditions.

This hand crafted compact sized folding design that measures 45*90*200mm, weighing 350g is very simple to use and easy to pack in bag with travelling, and creates more styling control. It includes a 2-year customer warranty.

6. Professional Lightweight Ceramic Tourmaline Best High Power Blow Dryer, 2000 Watt.

A professional lightweight ceramic grill filled with tourmaline that has the strength and performance that will pass for a heavyweight because of its high-powered effective motor with 110,000 turns per minutes, putting it on the list among the best high speed hair dryer on the market. The ceramic tourmaline technology makes hair healthier and smoother and reduces the risk of hair hair dryer

AC motor of 2000 watts with an ion generator for power, that makes hair drying super easy and fast. It has a 3 heat settings giving you enough options for whichever hair type you may have. Low and high heat: hot, warm and cool, and a cool shot button to keep your style curl in position.

This best high speed hair dryer keeps noise to the barest minimum lower than 65db. It is almost a noiseless device that takes care of noise pollution while you use it. It also has a concentrator nozzle that gives you an endless styling possibilities. The 3 meter long cord allows you a longer reach to the power socket for a freer movement while in use,

This best lightweight professional hair dryer made by Olayer best hair dryer company having a dimension of 199*165* 44mm, weighing 340g that makes it a really efficient travel hair dryer also includes a removable filter that makes cleaning the unit easy for you, where you can remove the filter, clean it of dust and debris, wash it and replace it, prolonging the life of your hair dryer.

Things To Consider Before Buying Your Professional powerful High Speed Hair Dryer.

With the above information provided to you, you should know what is the best lightweight professional hair dryer. But before that here are things you need to put into consideration before buying your fancy hair tool.

  • Hair Need: Since not all hair is the same, it is important that you first identify your hair texture, whether it is a thick, thin, straight, coarse or curly hair. A hair stylist will help you identify your hair type if you are not sure of your kind of hair. After identifying your hair type, you can now know which high speed hair dryer suits your hair type, or rather you can go for hair dryers that fits all hair types. high speed hair dryer made by Olayer hair dryer wholesale company that has the multiple setting models on the hair dryer, so you could check the model base on your hair texture.
  • High Speed Hair Dryer Features: As there are different types of hair textures, likewise there are different features in high speed hair dryers. For more efficient shopping of high speed hair blow dryers and to get the best professional powerful hair dryer you need to consider the features that are offered by a hair dryer. Good features may include; ceramic, tourmaline, ionic technology, cool shot option, multiple heat settings, multiple heat and speed settings. Also there are attachments that come with some hair dryers like diffuser attachment, comb attachment, and concentrator attachment.
  • Set A Budget— There are variety of prices for powerful high speed hair dryers, from low, to medium, to high price. So you need to determine what your budget is so as to find the best professional powerful high speed hair dryer that fits within the range of your budget. If you are plan to sell this high speed hair dryer then you need to know that your customers only need the best hair dryer not a cheaper one.
    It is best to invest in a high-quality or professional powerful high speed hair dryer if you are going to sell hair dryer and other hair care tools. You can find comparable product if the one you want falls out of budget. Sacrificing quality for price is not a best option. making a more substantial investment upfront is a good way to save your hair from damage. the lightweight professional hair dryer from Olayer Hair dryer manufacturer is one of the best powerful hair dryer blowers but very competitive inexpensive comparing to other brand of high speed blow dryer.

Final Verdict

If you are a hairstylist or one who sells professional powerful high speed hair dryer to your clients, I believe that this fairly exhaustive article must have furnished you with a good amount of information to lay your hands on the best powerful high speed hair dryer on the market. However, if you are looking for custom logo &  private label hair dryer manufacturer for your own brand of hair dryer, you are welcome to contact

Olayer is a wholesale hair dryer company in China, make hair care products and export to worldwide, the hair styling tools made by Olayer hair styling tools manufacturer including 6 in 1 hair curler, cordless hair straightener, 7 in 1 hair curler, cold air hair straightener, light weight professional powerful high speed hair dryer (folding travel high speed hair dryer), cold air hair curler, wet to dry hair brush straightener, etc.

All of hair styling tools from Olayer hair styler irons manufacturer that have Ceramic plate and negative ions, Olayer provide custom design & development hair styling tools services, private label are available to all of our hairdressing tools, OEM/ODM hair irons contract manufacture service for your own hair styler tools. contact Olayer now.

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