lightweight hair dryer with diffuser

December 29, 2021
lightweight hair dryer with diffuser

This lightweight hair dryer with diffuser and long cord with ceramic ionic technology and folding design small size is the best foldable hair dryer which is made by Olayer wholesale lightweight powerful hair dryer company, that boasts cutting edge hair dryer technology that uses a new light weight motor. It has several new features on it to dry the hair twice as fast as other conventional powerful hair blow dryers. With the foldable design the size is a half of small then the old hair dryer. Though there are some people who initially doubted the claims made by this new addition to the world of styling products, there are plenty of happy users who are willing to verify the manufacturer’s claims. Let’s have a look at some of the unique features of this lightweight high power hair dryer with foldable design and ceramic plate plus 20 million negative ions.

Lightweight powerful hair dryer with diffuser and long cord Features to Consider

When considering any brand that has a limited history it is important to spend time reviewing its features. Learning about the features of this product will help you compare it negatively or favourably to the more established competition. The key features to consider when researching this lightweight professional blow dryer with diffuser and long cold are:

  • Light weight 350g with 1400 watts motor which has 110,000 turns/minutes super high speed
  • Powerful long life motor
  • Removable filter and screen
  • Three attachments including two different size of nozzles and one diffuser
  • Cool shot setting
  • 6 adjustments
  • Ceramic plate plus negative ion device which has 20 million negative irons
  • Small size, good for travel, foldable hair dryer size is as small as 50*90*205mm
  • ETL & CE certificate for this high speed hair dryer, quality guarantee and safety for using.
  • 3 meter long cord, you will never have problem during the hair salon.

As you can see there are many features on this Lightweight high power hair dryer with diffuser and long cord which made by Olayer bet hair dryer company that should be considered before deciding whether or not it is a product that you should seriously consider purchasing. I am going to show you how these features could benefit you and help you decide if this product is comparable to other models produced by different manufacturers.

Light weight 350g with 1400 watts

The motor of the Lightweight high speed hair dryer with diffuser is made using aerospace material, which means that it has been made incredibly light weight and durable. This is a world patented design, and it is completely unique. Any person who styles hair professionally, or at home (parents with several long-haired children) appreciate any feature that makes the dryer easier to handle. With this high speed 100,000 turns of 1400 matts high power, it make the super wind but very quiet, the noise is as small as 65 decibel.

Powerful long life motor

The patented motor design is made of long lasting and sturdy aerospace material and is not going to ‘burn out’ in a hurry. Since many comparable blow dryers tend to die quickly, this feature gives this hair dryer an advantage in the market. Users who own this hair dryer are able to use it daily without risking a burnt out motor after only a couple of weeks.

Removable filter and screen

The filter and screen of the lightweight high speed blow dryers are what protects the motor from dirt, lint, and particles that could cause it malfunction. The ability to remove the filter and clean the screen will further increase the life of your motor and hair dryer. Establishing a cleaning routine with your hair dryer will help you get the most out of this safety feature.

Ceramic plate plus negative ion

This is a very smart feature that allows the Lightweight powerful hairdryer with diffuser and long cord to dry the hair over 2 times quicker than ordinary ones. Not only does it dry the hair faster, it dries the hair follicles and roots so you do not have to worry about having damp roots and dry ends. Plus, the Ceramic plate in front the air hole plus the negative ion devices so that there are 20 million of negative ions blowing to your hair, helps dry hair straight and smooth.

Cool shot setting

The Feather lightweight professional hair dryer with diffuser and long cord by Olayer hair dryer company can shoot a cold stream of air through the hair, and when done in conjunction with the super quick drying power of the ionized concentrator, it allows for the hair to be locked into place once dried. This feature is perfect for professional stylists who want to achieve a hair style without subjecting delicate hair to many different heating products.

What’s Included in this lightweight powerful hair dryer with diffuser and long cord

  • Hairdryer
  • 3 attachments (two different size of nozzles and one diffuser)
  • User manual

Custom LOGO and private label is available. contact us to get a price.

Does Lightweight powerful hair dryer with diffuser have a warranty?

Yes, this foldable design small size of best lightweight powerful hair dryer with diffuser comes with a limited 2 year manufacturer’s warranty. (Please double check with the online seller if you buy online)

The Pros are:

When looking to buy a product, it is always useful to see a quick breakdown of the main pros and cons of the item so that you can easily get an idea of what the average user can expect. The pros of this foldable small size of lightweight powerful hair dryer with diffuser are:

  • Unique patented motor design giving light weight performance, powerful high speed, quiet noise.
  • Durability of the material use to make the working motor parts, ensuring longevity of item
  • Long 3m cord, for professional use in the salon
  • ceramic plate plus negative ion device to dry the hair 2 times faster than conventional dryers plus 20 million negative ions to make your hair more straight, and shiny.
  • foldable design to make this powerful professional hair dryer size smaller so that it is easy to pack during travelling.

The cons of the dryer is:

  • Price is little high than the old hair dryer

Final Thoughts

Overall, this foldable design small size lightweight powerful hair dryer with diffuser from Olayer Chinese hair dryer wholesale manufacturer seems to be a very good and reliable product. It is affordable and trustworthy for professional users, and is a little expensive, but extremely good for personal users. The world patented motor design with 110,000 turns high speed plus 65db quiet noise is a big plus for the item, which has had no reports of faulty operation or burn outs that are common place in low grade hair dryers. The ionized air functions also seem to have all good reports, and many professional users have commented on the quality of product, saying that it leaves the hair looking shinny and healthy, not drying it out at all. The lack of negative feedback on the item can only be a good thing!

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