How to use Spiral Curling Iron

January 31, 2022
spiral hair curler

Women tend to be more experimental than men when it comes to their hairstyle. Hair is one of the most important parts of the body. That is why a lot of women are spending hundreds of dollars just to make their hair beautiful. But today, there are a lot of different ways and products you can use for your hair that do not require expensive budget. Unlike going to parlors every month to curl your hair, you can just buy these spiral curling iron products to curl your own hair. Curling you hair by using cold air curling iron which is made by Olayer curling iron company can be done at home easily.

A lot of women feel sexier having big curls on their hair. With the use of few tricks and having the right kind of curling iron tools you can create a sexier bouncy looking hair in just an hour. Read these steps carefully on how to create spiral curls with spiral curling iron on your own hair so next time, you don’t need to rush into a salon just to achieve the great look you want:

  1. You need to purchase a high quality cold air spiral curling iron. Research for trusted brand before buying a spiral curling iron. One of the most popular and trusted brand of curling iron is  Olayer Chinese ceramic ionic spiral cold air curling iron. Buying the perfect ionic  cold air curling iron is very vital in achieving the look you want. It is also imperative to buy high quality cold air curling iron to prevent having your hair damaged. Among the best choices are Olayer cold air curling irons made with ceramic plates than metal plates. Curling irons with metals plates can make your hair dry and brittle, with ceramic plate plus cold air and negative ionic technology, will make your hair perfect goods.
  2. You need to thoroughly clean your hair before ironing. It is better to curl your hair after taking a bath to make sure that it is really clean by using the ionic powerful hair speed hair dryer. Clean hair can add to a successful you. Clean hair will also shine compared to a hair that is not well cleaned. After washing your hair make sure to towel it to take away extra water.
  3. Plug the ceramic ionic cold air curling iron and turn the switch on. If you are using a cordless hair curler you just have to switch the cordless curling iron on. See for the light indicator that will tell you that the cordless curling iron is ready. Set the temperature that you want.
  4. After that, section your hair equally to create a more beautiful and even curls. Sectioning is one of the hardest parts in curling your hair. You can use clips and other tools to section your hair properly. You can also ask someone’s help to assist you in sectioning your hair. Make sure that hair is smooth and properly comb before starting to curl.
  5. Wind the hair tightly or loosely on the spiral curling iron to achieve the look that you want. Hold the curling iron for a couple of seconds and release the hair.
  6. Repeat all the steps until you are finish curling all the sections of your hair.

Remember that the outcome of the activity will be based upon the effectiveness and the quality of the spiral curling iron. Invest in high quality spiral curling iron because you can use this for several years. Low class curling irons can ruin your hair and can only last for a couple of months. Make sure to buy authenticated curling irons in trusted suppliers so your money will truly be worth.

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