How to use curling iron to curl your hair by 7 easy steps

March 2, 2022
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Curling your hair for the first time can be a very time intensive process. Over time and with practice you will find that you can get it done faster and faster. There are some guides about How to use curling iron to curl your hair by 7 easy step.

The first step is:

Making sure that you have a gel, preferably a mouse or styling gel that is designed to work with hair curling irons. It is important that before you apply this gel that your hair is already completely dry. Wet hair will add frizz and not allow you to get proper curls.

The second step is:

Make sure your hair is divided into different sections this means clipping your hair. Make sure that you untangle your hair prior to using the curling iron this is one of the key factors in the difference in the amount of time it will take you to curl your hair with a curling iron. Use a hairspray to hold the hair in place so it stays shaped.

The third step is to:

Take your hair in your hand and start with the bottom and work your way up, if you want spiral curls you can achieve this by twisting your hair into smaller curls. For larger curls it is simple just use the iron and curl larger sections of your hair.

The forth step is to:

Use the curling iron by opening it up and putting in the hair that you want to curl. It is important that you have proper contact between your hair and the curling iron in order for you to get nice curls

The fifth step is to:

Use the curling iron and move it up and down slowly holding it for about fifteen to twenty seconds on the section that you are curling

The sixth step is to:

After you have curled the hair open the iron and remove the section of hair that you have been curling, it is important to not over do this as over curling can lead to damaged hair.

The seventh and Final step is to:

Using your fingers gently style the hair into the shape that you want making sure that you shake it gently. And at this time you must use an aerosol spray to gently mist the curls and keep them in place.

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