How often do you flat iron your hair

January 9, 2022
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While there is no single answer to this question that is right for everyone, there are certain guidelines which will help you decide how often to use flat irons. If your hair is reasonably healthy, there is no reason you can’t use your straightening and styling tool 3-5 times per week, and perhaps more often. Consider these guidelines to determine what is right for you. Of course, experience is always the best determinant. If your hair is healthy, more use might be possible. If your hair becomes damaged from using a flat iron, back off until your hair regains its health, then use the styler less frequently going forward. That common sense approach on how often to use flat irons will serve your hair well.

How often do you flat iron your hair?

First of all, how healthy is your hair? If you work hard to maintain hair health, more frequent styling with a flat iron will be possible without damage. See our guide Tips for Great Healthy Hair for details. The basic idea is to maintain clean, well conditioned tresses, and avoid harsh chemicals and damaging activities such as blow drying. If your hair is damaged, limit your use while you focus on moisturizing dried and damaged hair, and building it up with nutrient-filled conditioners. You may need to get a haircut to remove all split ends before beginning to use a flat iron on a regular basis.

Secondly, what type of hair do you have? The thinner your hair is, the more fragile it may be. The good news is that thinner hair requires lower heat, and usually less time, to straighten and style. However, if you have thin hair, use a Hair Protection Spray and watch carefully for signs of damage. Never leave the styling iron on any section of hair too long. Go over sections two or three times, moving the plates more quickly, rather than attempting to straighten each section with just one pass. Medium, wavy, and coarse hair will withstand heat better, so you may be safe using the flat iron more frequently.

Thirdly, what are you using the flat iron to accomplish? If you are giving your hair the all-over treatment, you’ll need to use it less often. If you are only adding a few curls one day, a flip or two the next, and some stylish twists the third day, you may be able to use it every day, as long as its not the same sections you are styling over and over again.

Fourthly, use only flat irons with titanium or ceramic/ceramic tourmaline plates. Never use metal plates. We cover the different types of plates in various other guides on these pages. the ceramic cold air flat iron made by Olayer ceramic wholesale flat irons manufacturer will be one of your best options, go to cold air flat iron page to check the key features you will be 100% happy with this flat iron, of course if you curl your hair with curling iron, use the ceramic ion cold air hair curler from Olayer wholesale curling iron company will be the best option as well, go to cold air hair curler to understand all of the key features you will love it.

How often to use flat irons – Tips from the experts

Start with moderate use of your flat iron. If your hair remains healthy, and your flat irons is high quality ceramic cold air flat iron, you may be able to increase frequency, base on that you could use flat iron to your hair around 3-5 time per week.

Work on your technique, and practice. The better your technique, the more quickly you’ll be able to achieve the look you want, limiting the time the hot tool is in your hair, with the ceramic cold air flat iron will cool you heating hair immediately, this is another better way to care your hear healthy.

Condition regularly

Use of a ceramic cold air flat iron can often times improve the quality of your hair, so this can also play into how often to use flat irons

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