Hair Straightening Technology

November 7, 2021
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Hair straightening technology
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Hair straightening Technology

Hair straightening Technology is a hair styling practice that entails the flattening and straightening of hair in an effort to give it a silky, sleek and lustrous look. Hair straightening technique is also sometimes referred to as re-bonding. Straightened hair can be achieved through the use of hair straightening irons, hot combs or chemical relaxers. they mostly bought this hair tools from hair straightener manufacturer.

Additional techniques for straightening hair mostly accessible through salons include Japanese hair straightening technology, also referred to as Yuko or thermal reconditioning, as well as the Brazilian hair straightening technique, also known as keratin straightening or BKT. Additionally, various shampoos, dressings, conditioners, creams or gels may also help to straighten hair in the short term. Hair straightening Irons and hot combs can only temporarily alter hair texture, while relaxers and the other chemical techniques permanently modify the makeup of the hair, though new hair growth will not be affected. If you have curly or frizzy hair or if you just want a new look for yourself, please read on for an overview of the various ways you can straighten your hair.

Hair straightening technique

Hair straightening technique

Brushing your hair then blow drying with a comb is the time tested, no frills technique for straightening hair. As hair dries, it naturally curls up. If you are able to keep your hair straight with a comb while you blow dry, your hair will hold straighter. This method is not overly complicated but does require a good bit of skill. The financial cost is next to nothing. It does not work for those with very naturally curly hair and you will still have bad hair days when the weather is humid. You will save yourself some money, your hair will look and feel more natural and you will do less damage to your hair than some of the other popular ways to straighten hair.

Your local drug store, supermarket or department store likely has shelves filled with all manner of products that can be used to straighten hair. There are the classic, oil based products and hair dressings that contain ingredients like lanolin or mineral oil as well as pomades, silicone creams and waxes. These types of hair straightening products are effective, but your hair may look or feel heavier and greasy though. Products for styling your hair such as gels, mousses and hair spray can also straighten or provide extra hold for straightened hair. You have to use caution though as overdoing it can make your hair look unnatural and feel sticky or brittle. All of these types of products are widely available, generally do not cost a fortune and will work for all different hair types and textures. Your hair will temporarily straightened until you wash the product out.

Another popular, relatively hassle free method of do it yourself hair straightening requires using a flat iron. Flat irons are shaped sort of like salad tongs and use intense heat to straighten your hair. Straightening hair with a flat iron is not terribly challenging, but it may take a little practice before you can get your hair straightened quickly. Flat irons can be effective with most types of hair, but they do cause more damage to your hair than even blow drying. Flat irons range in price from affordable to somewhat expensive, but once you buy a flat iron, using it becomes a much less expensive way to straighten your hair as opposed to say getting a salon treatment.

For those looking for less temporary ways of hair straightening technology, chemical relaxers offer permanent straightening of your existing hair, but hair that grows in following your treatment will retain its normal curl. Ceramic Hair straightening flat iron works by either altering the molecular structure of your hair so that it becomes permanently straight or by coating your hair with proteins which will allow your hair to remain straight.

Hair straightening iron

Hair straightening iron

While there are home chemical straightening kits available, having this done for you by a trained professional in a salon is a much safer bet. Even straighteners available outside of the salon for home use can damage hair if they are not properly applied. This includes those hair straightening products marketed as gentle or containing no lye. An experienced hair dresser will evaluate your hair type, determine the right amount of time to allow the chemical straightener to work, and check frequently to make sure your hair is not over processed.

Two salon hair straightening offerings that have been growing in popularity and generating a lot of interest are the Japanese hair straightening and the Brazilian hair straightening methods. Both are available only in salons and both are quite pricey with the cost of Japanese hair straightening being prohibitively expensive for a lot of people.

Straightening Hair at Home or in a Salon Results in a Fabulous Look

Japanese hair straightening technology, also known as ionic or thermal reconditioning, is a form of chemical hair straightening that uses heat in addition to chemical straightener. The process can take anywhere from 4 to 7 hours depending on a number of factors. Though the result is often stunningly beautiful straight hair, Japanese hair straightening may not be for everyone for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the treatment is expensive regardless of the length and amount of curl in your hair. So how much does Japanese hair straightening cost? The short answer is a lot. Japanese hair straightening costs anywhere from about $250 on the very low end up to about $1000. Most people can count on having to pay at least $500. Follow up treatments will be necessary to deal with new growth and they are expensive as well. Secondly, the process is very damaging to hair, even more so than traditional chemical hair straightening, so certain hair types cannot stand up to the combination of harsh chemicals and high heat.

Brazilian hair straightening technology, sometimes referred to as Keratin hair straightening technique, is a long lasting less harsh option than other chemical treatments. Your stylist will apply a keratin protein solution then follow up with a flat iron to keep the protein sealed in and your hair straight. Brazilian hair straightening works and your hair can remain straight for months, but frequent washing can undo the effect. At around $200 for the treatment, it may not be a good value particularly if you can achieve the same look at home with a flat iron and a styling product.

As you can see, there are many different methods of hair straightening technology. You may have to experiment a bit before you find a way to achieve the sleek, straight look you are after. Ultimately, straightening your hair comes down to time, ease of use, budget and your overall satisfaction with the result.

If you want to know some information about hair straightener technology, you could go to our hair straightening iron technology page. hope this information is helping you to understand what is hair straightening technology.

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