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March 16, 2022
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So you’re standing in front of the mirror styling your hair with your trusty hair iron. Maybe it’s seen quite a few styling days or perhaps it’s just been taken out of its box. In any case, it has become one of the best tools a woman could buy for straightening and styling her hair.

But these useful appliances aren’t that new. In fact, they’re a few hundred years old! And it sure has changed over the years to become the product we know and love today. So where did this marvelous contraption come from?

Well, some of the earliest hair irons date back to the 1800s, in the form of primitive heating tongs or heated rods used by women of the time to style their hair and reduce waves or curls. You might even be surprised to know that many women of the past used clothes irons to help them out with their styling jobs! This was before the very first patented hair straightening iron made its appearance in 1909, with the help of a man named Isaac K Shero. This model was basically two flat irons that had to be heated and then pressed together on the hair to achieve results.

By 1912 another hair iron appeared that closely resembles the hair irons you can find in stores and online today. This model was much more refined and was made up of a two-plated, heated iron held together by a hinge in the middle. This hair iron was created by a Scottish heiress, Lady Jennifer Schofield, who ended up paving the way to future hair iron models.

It goes without saying that the hair iron’s appearance and effectiveness progressed over time, improving and changing along with user’s needs. New technology was used to straighten and style hair, breaking down hydrogen bonds within the strands, loosening them up and producing that sleek, straight look. Lots of different materials were introduced to make a continuously better product that could be hair-friendly, with ceramic hair irons becoming some of the most popular.

Nowadays, there are hundreds of different types and sizes to choose from based on your hair type, styling needs and budget. Newer models are examples of breakthroughs in styling technology, achieving results with wet or dry hair. We can safely say that the hair iron has come quite a long way and will keep being one of our favorite hair styling appliances.

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