What is PTC heater

PTC heating element is called PTC heater, which is composed of PTC ceramic heating element & aluminum tube. it is popular applied to the PTC heater hair straightener flat iron and PTC heater hair curling irons, the reason using this PTC heater hair styling tools because This type of PTC heating element has the advantages of small thermal resistance and high heat exchange efficiency. It is an automatic constant temperature and power saving electric heater. The outstanding key feature is the safety factor. In any application situation, there will be no “redness” phenomenon on the surface of the electric heating tube heater such as hair straightener plate or curling iron roller, which will cause scalding, fire and other safety hazards, those information come from Wikipedia, you could go to PTC heater page to know more information about that, and go to PTC & MCH heater to know the difference and advantages.PTC heater hair iron

How the PTC heater is made?

The PTC heating element is composed of galvanized outer pressure plate, stainless steel corrugated spring plate, galvanized inner pressure plate, single-layer aluminum heat sink, PTC heating plate, double-layer aluminum heat sink, nickel-plated copper electrode terminal plus PPS high temperature plastic electrode sheath.

Due to the use of u-shaped corrugated heat sinks, the heat dissipation rate of PTC heating element products is improved, and the advantages of adhesive and mechanical type are combined, and various thermal and electrical phenomena of PTC heating elements during operation are fully considered. Strong force, excellent thermal conductivity and heat dissipation performance, high efficiency, safety and reliability.

This type of PTC heater has the advantages of small thermal resistance and high heat exchange efficiency. It is an automatic constant temperature and power saving electric heater. One of its outstanding features is its safety performance, that is, when the fan fails and stops, the power of the PTC heater will automatically drop sharply due to insufficient heat dissipation. At this time, the surface temperature of the heater is maintained at about the Curie temperature (Generally around 250°C), so as not to produce the phenomenon of “redness” on the surface of heaters such as electric heating tubes

How does a PTC heating element work

How does a PTC heating element work? The constant temperature heating PTC thermistor has the characteristics of constant temperature heating. The Curie temperature of the thermistor is related to the applied voltage, but has nothing to do with the ambient temperature. PTC heater is a heating device that designed by using constant temperature heating PTC thermistor constant temperature heating characteristics. In small and medium power heating applications, this is how the PTC heating element works.

PTC heaters have the advantages of constant temperature heating, no open flame, high thermal conversion rate, little influence by power supply voltage, long natural life time and other advantages that traditional heating elements cannot meet. It is favored by R&D engineers in the custom PTC heater hair styling tools industry like PTC flat iron ( hair straightener) or PTC heater curling iron products. The constant temperature heating PTC thermistor can be made into a variety of shape structures and different specifications. Combining the above-mentioned PTC heating elements and metal components can form various forms of high-power PTC heaters.

Advantages of PTC heater

Healthy and environmentally friendly glue-free bonding is healthier.

Super long durability without oxidation, service life up to 6000 hours.

Rapid heating temperature, automatic temperature control in case of fan failure, long last life time

Wide voltage range, can be designed according to needs between 12V-380V

Convenient design, can be designed from low power to high power, and the shape can also be designed according to requirements

Non-flammable, safe and reliable,

What is PTC heater For?

What PTC heating element is using for? PTC ceramic heater is normally used in the small household application goods and PTC HEATER hair styling tools products, such as PTC heater hair straightener iron, PTC hair straightener brush, PTC hair curling irons, etc. It is characterized by low power, but high thermal efficiency and practicality.

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