Best Way To Use Hair Straightening Irons

February 5, 2022
Hair Straightening irons

The Best Way To Use Hair Straightening flat Irons

Hair straightening irons (flat irons) are devices that are used to straighten the hair. They change the structure of the hair using heat. Hair straightening irons come in varieties; those used to make the hair curly, there are also those referred to us flat irons, there are those used to create crimps on the hair. You will find that most hair straightening irons use electric heating while curling irons use butane. Some studies however suggest that overuse or inappropriate use of these devices might cause hair damage to people. You are therefore advised to be very careful on best way to use the hair straightening iron to your hair.

The potential damage that these flatirons can cause to someone’s hair is unbelievable. Your hair just like your skin can also get burnt the problem is that you will not be able to feel the pain as in the case of your skin burning. If these hair straightening irons are not used in the correct way or if they are used to regularly or using a poor quality hair straightening irons then one might end up damaging their hair without noticing. Your hair is delicate and it has two main layers the inner core and the outer coating. Scientifically the hair is subdivided into three separate layers namely; the cortex, cuticle and medulla. A strand of hair if healthy should have a uniform structure with hollow water and air filled medulla and cuticle that’s smooth. If light the hair strand has the above features then light will be able to pass through it easily. If light passes on the hair strand, the hair strand will give an external reflective shine that is characteristic of healthy hair. Now you find that when so much heat is applied on the hair then all the layers that make light to pass through the hair strand is thus damaged making the hair to lose its natural health.

The other damage that these hair irons can cause on your hair is mostly depleting your hair of its natural moisture content. Moisture is an important element for your hair’s health just as it to your skin. It is moisture that helps keep your hair strands nourished and even elastic. When you apply so much heat to your hair when your hair is already dry the result will be brittleness, breakage, dullness, and also dryness. Heat thus deprives hair of it natural moisture thereby causing your cuticles to dry and break off.

If you want to straighten your hair safely and maintain your hairs health then you have to use good hair straightening tools and products (such as ceramic pink hair straightener, cold air straightener etc.). Most hair straightener will use the natural moisture content in your hair to come up with a new style. You must make sure that when you are going to use any hair iron then your hair must not be too dry or else the hair straightener will worsen your hair by making them brittle and inelastic. Go for ionic ceramic cold air hair straightening irons because they provide cool air which will reduce the chances of your hair extremely drying out. Go for Teflon-coated hair irons and always prepare your hair with a mixture that will protect it from heat. This will help you in minimizing heat styling hair damage.

There is also a possibility of burnt hair cells building up on hot irons. These will then stick to your hair further causing your hair more damage. In order to avoid the problem of burnt hair cells that have stuck on your hot iron sticking on your hair it is advisable that you replace your hair straightening iron after some specified time of use.

If you have color-treated hair you should try to avoid too much usage of hair straightening irons because studies have shown that such hair is less tolerant to excessive hair straightening methods. Elderly people who seem to be having hair that is finer and thinner are also advised not to use these hair straightening irons too much as this will damage their hair. Thicker and coarse hair may be resistant to breakage as compared to fine hair and this might prompt people with this kind of hair to use hair irons daily. The result of such an action will be mass breakage of your hair that will make your hair to appear frizzy because your hair will be having different lengths. It is therefore advisable to try and limit the use of hair straightener to just about once or twice a week. Constant heat and chemical damage to your hair and scalp may also cause permanent hair loss so it is wise to be careful.

Hope above information could help you on using hair straightening iron to your hair.

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