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December 24, 2021
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Olayer is the best hair dryer company in China, manufacture hair blow dryer, cold air hair straightener, hairdryers or folding hair dryer, ceramic cold air hair curler, automatic ceramic cold air hair curler, wet to dry hair straightener brush, wholesale flat irons and and other custom hair care products, there is negative ions technology on all of our wholesale hairdressing tools,

How to buy the best hair dryer from the best hair dryer company

Hair blow dryer is our daily use product to dry our hair when we wash our head, so there is important to purchase the best hair dryer for our hair. Before you indulge yourself with all the information available, I would like to welcome you to the best hair dryer company here. Choosing the right hair dryer can be frustrating sometimes, therefore we have compiled various useful information on the best hair dryers for you. Hopefully, all this information can be beneficial in helping you choose the best hair below dryer for you need.

To some people, hair dryer is an important part of their life. They may need it for expressing themselves through their hair styles. To others, hair blow dryer might have completely different purposes, but no matter what kind of purposes you have, you can be sure that there are all sorts of best hair dryers available for all your needs available in the market.

The prices of hair blow dryers usually range between $19 and $500 (some small but high speed hair dryer cost from $200 to $500), but more expensive hair dryers do not necessarily mean that they will be better suited for your needs. Nowadays, many best hair dryers come with all sorts of features that may look appealing upon first look. But before you hastily purchase a hair dryer on impulse, you should first think clearly what kind of features you really need out of your new hair high speed hair dryer

What is the best hair dryers features

1. Heating element: Generally, heating element in hair dryers can be divided into two categories. Cheaper ones usually come with metal or plastic heating elements, while higher end ones usually come with ceramic heating elements. The main difference is metal or plastic heating element heats intensely from the outside in which may cause damage to your hair, while ceramic heating element produces far infrared heat that can penetrate your hair shafts safely.

This is why most professional hair stylists use hair dryers with ceramic heating, so that they can protect your hair from unnecessary damage. the infrared hair dryer made by Olayer hair dryer company is one of the best hair dryer on the market, the infrared technology do take care of your hair healthy, this infrared hair dryer will cost around $ 180 or more, but the infrared hair blow dryer from Olayer hair dryer wholesale manufacturer will not cost that high, you are welcome to contact Olayer blow dryer company to get wholesale price.

2. Ionic drying: Positive ions can cause your hair shaft cuticle to open, which will result in frizz and dull appearance. On the other hand, negative ions cause hair shaft cuticle to remain flat, which will help you dry your hair faster, eliminate frizz, give your hair more body and make it shinier and smoother.

Cheaper hair dryers with metal or plastic elements produce positive ions, while ones with ceramic heating elements charges negative ions. It has been known that combining ceramic with tourmaline can boost the amount of negative ions generated, which will result in even better hair care than just using regular ceramic elements.

The ceramic hair speed hair dryer from Olayer China best hair dryer wholesale company has 20,000 thousand negative ions, Olayer China hair blow dryer manufacturer use the ceramic and negative ions devices in their high speed hair dryer so that will generate the huge negative ions. this is one of the best hair dryer, want to know more contact Olayer

3. Speed: When choosing the best hair dryers for your needs, it is best to choose one with multiple speed settings. It will be a great bonus if it also has separate heat settings and cool shot function. The separate heat settings are especially useful to reduce the amount of heat if your hair is only slightly wet, while the cool shot function is useful for setting finishing touches.

4. Weight and wattage: The next thing you need to consider are the weight and wattage of the hair dryer. Higher end hair dryers that are used by many professional hair stylists usually have lighter weight compared to cheaper ones. This provides more flexibility when targeting any area of your hair. Wattage determines how fast you can dry your hair. Generally wattage of 1000 and above is recommended to have the best experience, the light weight high speed hair dryer made by Olayer best hair dryer wholesale manufacturer have only 480g total include the cord, but have 1200 wattage hair powder speed, this is one of the best light weight hair dryer with this high dryer diffuser

5. Attachments: Make sure that the hair dryer that you are going to buy can be combined with different attachments such as diffuser (to create more volume and waves) and concentrator (to direct air to a targeted space) attachments. This way, you hair dryer can serve many different purposes, the light weight high speed hair dryer made by Olayer Chinese hair dryer wholesale company is folding design, have two hair dryer concentrators (Wide &
narrow size) plus one hair dryer diffuser, see right side picture.

Hope above guide can help you in choosing the best hair dryers for your different needs.

Olayer wholesale hair dryer company is one of the best  hair dryer manufacturers in China, Olayer passed the SGS ISO9001-2015  quality management system, all of hair care products are qualified with GS/CE/EMC/CB/ETL safety approvals, and most of our hairdressing tools are export to Europe, North America, Middle East, South East Asia, and other areas, Olayer offer custom LOGO and private label hair tools service, and provide OEM/ODM contract manufacturer for your own electric hair irons and other electric applications.

If you are looking for the best hair dry company in China, Olayer will be one of your best option, contact us to get a quote for your project.

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