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March 27, 2022
high speed hair dryer

Olayer is a company manufactures hair dryers in China, which is located in Dongguan city where beside to Hongkong. Olayer hair dryer factory provides wholesale price for custom hair dryer and other hairdressing tools including negative Ion private label ceramic flat irons, hair straightener brush, high speed hair blower, lightweight powerful hair dryer, clipless curling iron wand, 6 in 1 hair curler, 5 in 1 curler, wall mount hair dryer, 2000W hair dryer, 1 inch flat iron, 2 inch hair curling iron, PTC hair straightener, MCH flat iron, cold air flat irons, automatic cool air curling tongs, professional cold air hair roller, electric hair curling tongs, electronic hair devices, laser hair removal and other hair styling tools.

Hair dryers are a widely used piece of salon equipment, and the ones you can get to your home are not usually matching in quality as the ones you see at a salon. Lightweight Professional hair dryer made by Olayer custom hair dryer factory has a more powerful heater, and the blowing power is also superior to the models that you can get in your home.

When you are drying your hair on a regular basis like almost all the women there are, you would possibly like to have a dryer that will be efficient, and you won’t have to spend too much time doing this daily task. This is especially true if you have thick hair and a hair type that will absorb water and is going to take a long time to dry. Not all people need to dry their hair as much as others, since they have a hair type that will reject water and for that reason it is not going to get that wet in the first place. For someone like this it could be enough to towel dry the hair and then just use a blow dryer for a few minutes to get the moisture out from the hair.

A lightweight powerful hair dryer made by Olayer (a company manufactures hair dryers) has 11,000 turns speed powerful wind and very silent, noise is as low as 75 decibel.

People with the thick and wet hair are going to need better tools to be able to dry their hair quickly, and they are usually wondering where to buy lightweight professional hair dryer at an affordable price. You just want to be able to turn on the dryer and have the hot air come out from the machine at a powerful speed with quiet sounds, so that it will both blow the water out, and make it vaporize a little so that you get rid of all the moisture in your hair. You might be familiar with such products as Babyliss hair dryers to do this job, but that is traditional high watt hair dryer with heavy weight and very noisy sound, the lightweight high speed hair dryer from Olayer hair dryer factory will be totally different than the traditional hair dryer, go to our high speed hair dryer products page to know the detail of this powerful quiet hair dryer.

Going out with wet hair is not a good idea since especially on cold days it can get you ill – you will get the flu because important parts of your body – your head mostly – is going to suffer from the cold more because it is wet. A blow dryer operates quite simply and there are two main functions that they do.

lightweight powerful hair dryer

lightweight powerful hair dryer

There is an engine that creates the blow, and usually this is a fan that rotates quickly. It then pulls the air from the rear of the machine where the other part – the heater – is located. This heats to a point where it will transfer some of this heat to the air passing by and for that reason it is going to feel hot once it leaves the machine. Electricity makes the heating coil hot, and that is why the voltage of the dryer is an important factor in the heating power that it can produce.

Because the speed of the air will make it cooler, the stronger the blower of your dryer, the more powerful the heating coil has to be. This is where the best lightweight professional hair dryers are quite different from the traditional models. They have stronger heaters and a stronger blower but lightweight and low noise, and for this reason they make it possible for professional hair stylists to dry their customers hair quickly and they won’t waste any time.

If you are looking for a company manufactures hair dryers like this lightweight professional high speed hair dryers then you have to find the high speed hair dryer factory to purchase them. The internet is filled with salon equipment stores that are ready to give you professional advice on the best blow dryers and make it easy for you to pick a model that is good for your use. But the price is not cheaper, this high speed hair dryer price is more high than traditional hair dryers, but it worth that cost. You can get a wholesale hair dryer price from Olayer who is a company manufactures hair dryers, Olayer custom hair dryer factory offers wholesale price for this lightweight powerful hair dryer. even you are not a professional and you still could use this lightweight professional blow dryer and enjoy it.

Olayer is custom hair dryer factory, OEM/ODM & private label hair style tools factory, Olayer manufactures custom hair dryer and your other electric project depending on to your samples, design, or even a simple concept, Olayer supply all in one stop service for your items from design, prototyping, re-design & re-prototyping, mold & molding production, testing, certification, installation, final examination, packing and delivery, Olayer has 15 years of rich experience in making hair style irons, high speed hair dryer produced from Olayer custom hair dryer wholesale company will definitely have at minimum 2 year quality assurance, if you are looking for a company manufactures hair dryers and other hair styling tools, or need private label hair dryer factory, you are welcome to contact Olayer, with rich experience we manufacture you the best quality and fast lead time.


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