2000w hairdryer lightweight

December 31, 2021
200W lightweight hair dryer

How would you like to have your hair professionally styled every day? You can with the Best AC 2000W hairdryer lightweight made by Olayer China blow dryer vendor. Its folding design small size lightweight professional hair dryer, easy to use, has a sleek, red finish design look, no frizz, and makes you feel like you just walked out of a salon. There is no comparison to any other hair dryer

Most salon hair dryers are big, heavy, bulky, and hard to use unless you know what you are doing. But, they are also professional hair dryers. However, professional AC 2000 watts hair dryer  from Olayer blow dryer wholesale vendor has all the features of a hair salon dryer technology but has the feel of a domestic home hair dryer. Another great feature this hair dryer holds is its nice long socket cord. The long cord helps anyone that has an outlet far away from the bathroom mirror or has long hair, to move around a lot, without worrying the plug will pop out.


  • Energy efficient drying
  • Powerful professional 2000W AC dryer motor
  • Stylish look like you would find in the top salons
  • Ionic technology keeps hair from “frizzing”
  • Very versatile with 3 heat settings and 2 speed settings
  • Cool Air function to style easily.
  • Look like a movie star when completed.
  • Easily removable air filter
  • Lightweight and compact

What customers are saying?

“This is the best AC 2000W hair dryer we’ve used. It’s rather a smart looking thing, in a glossy, red finish. It feels robust and well made, not creaky and plasticky like our previous hairdryer, however it’s not unduly heavy, and shouldn’t tire your arm with extended use.

“Very classy expensive box packed in. The two year warranty is one of the best service,

Overall reviews loved the sleek, glossy, beauty look of the AC Salon 2000 watts Hair Dryer from Olayer Chinese hair dryer wholesale manufacturer. Presentation is the most important aspect to grab the customer’s attention. Olayer AC Salon 2000 W Dryer has the Olayer look for patrons to stop at first glance at online store or shelf in a retail store.

Weight is another essential to any hair dryer, and the Olayer gets rave reviews here as well. Many reviewers commented that the weight of this dryer is perfect and makes it a pleasure to use. It’s important that a hair dryer is not too heavy because sometimes it takes a while to dry ones hair, and your arm starts to get achy in one position after a while. Numerous reviewers state they the lightweight design of this dryer negates this problem completely. While still heavier than a cheap domestic hair dryer, the Olayer has proven to be much lighter than customers expected.

Other positive comments include that the dryer is easy to use dries hair very quickly without frizzing, even on the cooler settings. The conveniently placed “blast” button delivers a short concentrated blast of air without having to change the settings.

Here are very few negative comments about the Olayer. The most common complaint in negative on line reviews it that the warranty on the product only lasts one year. A few people thought that, given the price of the dryer as compared to a common cheap home hair dryer, the warranty should be longer than one year. Considering the lack of reports of this dryer failing after the warranty expired, this has yet to present any real problems.

Other complaints are either minor or of a personal nature. For example, a small minority felt that this dryer gets too hot on the highest setting. This is not the general consensus, however, and is easily fixed by using the dryer on a cooler setting.


  • Ionic technology to stop the frizz.
  • Choices of different heat and speed settings.
  • Easy to clean, removable filter.
  • Relatively lightweight and easy to handle.
  • Desirable Red color.
  • Dries hair in minutes.
  • Long outlet cord.
  • Created by the famous hairstylist Nicky Clarke.


  • Not knowing how to style hair like a salon stylist..
  • Cannot find this hair dryer everywhere.
  • price is little high than the old hair dryer

This best 2000 Watts hair Blow Dryer made by Olayer China hair dryer wholesale manufacturer is highly recommended because hair is quickly and easily blown dried in a matter of minutes. The different settings of medium to hot and the cooling feature allows anyone to style their hair just like a professional hair stylist. Designed by Olayer to bring salon quality to your home, the Olayer is light, compact, and easy to use. It employs ionic technology to avoid the frizzing many find with lower quality hair dryers. For the price, you won’t find a better quality hair dryer.

Olayer is a company manufactures hair dryers in China, in the beginning we manufacture electric pieces, export plastic moulds, at middle of 2020, Olayer invested in a hair iron tools wholesale company, who has been hair flat iron & hair tools producer around 15 years,

Nowadays, Olayer custom hair dryer factory manufacturer specializes in developing and producing different of hair iron tools goods, primarily in negative ion lightweight high speed hair dryer, infrared high power small size of travel hair dryer, Ceramic ion hair straightener, wet to dry hair straightener brush, specialist & automatic cold air hair curling irons, cold air straightening iron etc.

We have our own mould and molding producer to manufacture offer the new items development as fast as 2 weeks. Olayer hair dryer wholesale provider offer OEM/ODM contract manufacture services for all of electric applications, Olayer is willing to sign and NDA document to protect your project, Custom company logo is provided.

Olayer is a private label flat iron manufacturer in China that will offer you all in one stop service from development, prototyping, examining, re-prototyping, mold building, molding production, certification, assembly, examination, packaging and dispatch, if you are seeking a Chinese hair dryer manufacturer and electric application contract maker in China, you are welcome to contact Olayer


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